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Braveheart Training Group (BTG) – Brave Life Project is the brainchild of Jackie Capers-Brown.

An award-winning leader, author, speaker, mentor and courage-builder teacher. She’s the hometown “girl next door” who, in the face of her fears, has been able to rise above daunting odds and succeed beyond what she imagined to be possible, as a result of her faith in God, faith in herself and a willingness to advance toward the future she envisions to be possible for herself as a servant-leader and for the lives of those she feels destined to influence and impact for their greater good.

After wrestling with the question, “Who Am I?” to teach people how to live, love and lead bravely, she realized that her journey of experiences prepared her for this moment. She began to listen to her soul’s calling from a state of acceptance, and thus the vision and mission for he BTG – Brave Life Project Communitybegan to emerge.

Jackie’s obsession with personal growth and leadership inspired her with the vision that if she could develop and facilitate learning experiences which allowed individuals to initiate their personal and professional “brave life projects” and provide them with additional support in the form of a community of like-minded individuals, they too could experience the breakthrough success experienced by so many who decide to live, love and lead bravely.

Courses & Events

Jackie’s focus for the BTG – “Brave Life Project” is to provide practical personal and professional growth experiences on topics ranging from, How to Master Your Mindset, Mojo and Moxie Masterclass, How to Bounceback and Thrive after Difficulty Life Class, Destined for Greatness Youth Leadership Seminar, Leadership for Supervisors and Managers Seminar, Connecting Your Team with StoryWorkshop, Customer Service with a Spirit of Excellence Seminar, The Brave Way Leadership Program, Brave New You! Mastermind, Brave New You! Retreat to the Braveheart Leadership Summit.

She is committed to using these various learning experiences to expose individuals and organizations to fresh insights and proven strategies that will help them lean into their brilliance. 

In her leadership role, she has set an intention to build collaborative relationships with other thought leaders to add value to those she serve by having them share the lessons of their brave adventures and insights gained from their journey. The courses and events will evolve over time as the needs of the community evolve.

Our Community

We are more alike than we are different. In our unique way, each of us are doing our best to live a meaningful life. We want to feel good about ourselves, our relationships and the success we achieve in life. We want to feel a part of something that is bigger than ourselves while at the same time allow us to expand our capacity to be more, do more and experience more of what we desire in life. We are strengthened by a community of people who share many of our beliefs, values, and aspirations.

There are a growing number of people around the world who are tired of living afraid and, who want to live, love and lead bravely. Individuals who “know” deep within their souls that their lives are a tiny glimpse of what they believe and feel they are capable of. Have you found yourself thinking and feeling this way much longer than you would like to admit?

In a world that’s increasingly using fear-based messages to influence how people think, feel and behave to the diverse realities of life, there is an empowering perspective which has within it the power to enable individuals to rise above difficulty and daunting circumstances to live their life with intention, purpose, passion and joy, instead of living their lives defined by fear and self-doubt.

This perspective which is the motto for BTG – Brave Life Project simply emphasizes this truth: Live Brave. Fear Less. This game-changing shift in the way you show up in life will empower you to become the bravest version of your best self and help you take your life, relationships and professional success to the next level.

Regardless of where you live in the world, or where you are in your life, if you find yourself allowing fear, uncertainty and self-doubt hinder you from shining more of your brilliance and stepping fully into your power, the Brave Life Project Community is for you. If you aspire to live, love and lead bravely, join us on this adventure as we embrace opportunities to learn and practice how to Live Brave. Fear Less.

If you find that it resonates with your beliefs, values, and aspirations, I invite you to join our Brave Life Project community.

Together, we’re on a quest to express the bravest version of our best self. We won't settle for sitting on the sidelines living vicariously through the lives of others. Our capacity to live, love and lead bravely will allow us to enter into the arena of our destiny in the full expression of our authentic power.  

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