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Jackie is known for her inspirational story of going from working as a minimum wage employee with Marriott Hotels to navigating an award-winning leadership career which resulted in her developing several peak performance teams and managing several successful million dollar businesses during her 20+ year leadership career in the hospitality industry. 

In the midst of climbing the corporate ladder while working for Marriott Hotels, she experienced what she states as, "A mental and emotional hell, I wouldn't want an enemy to experience, " after her 14-year-old son Blease died unexpectedly from cardiac arrest six months cardiac arrest six months after her GM promotion at Marriott's Fairfield Inn located in Wilmington, NC.

Jackie is not just a speaker, she is an inspirational storyteller. She skillfully captures the imagination of her audience as she brings her message of triumph over adversity to groups and organizations.

Jackie draws from her rich life experiences as one who learned how to use the lessons of difficulty to her advantage. She speaks from the heart about her experiences and the courage it takes to be comfortable with temporary feelings of discomfort when you aspire to live, love and lead bravely. The personal insights she shares is both riveting and deeply transformative.

Feedback from the 2016 SC-GMIS Leadership Summit

Thank-you for providing such a great session.  Right after lunch is always such a difficult time slot, but you have a very vivacious personality and a strong dynamic delivery style that I didn’t notice anyone suffering from the mid-afternoon slumps.   I really connected with your message.  There’s lots of times we lose sight of the fact that if we want to effect change in anyone else, it has to start with ourselves. You are a very dynamic, engaging speaker; your content was superb. " R.A.

"I can tell you the feedback I've received so far was glowing. Loved how you tied in the conference title in and woke everyone up after lunch. We discussed asking you to come as the conference opener in the future." J.M.

"I highly recommend Jackie Capers-Brown as a speaker for any event. She is engaging and provides her audience with tools to implement in all areas of life. Not only is she prepared, Ms. Capers-Brown also ensures her presentations are geared towards her target audience. I would definitely ask Jackie to speak on her experiences and leadership journey at another event in the future."

 Shaunita M. Grase 
Director of Evidence-Based Practices 

"Ms. Capers-Brown ranks among one of the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered, she served as one of my speakers for my association Woman to Woman Entrepreneurs Association and the ladies really loved her. Ms. Capers-Brown’s words were empowering, motivating, and encouraging that morning."    
Tamara Canzater 
Founder of Woman to Woman Entrepreneurs Association    

For information about booking Jackie Capers-Brown as a motivational speaker for your event, click here.

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