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Applause for Jackie On Stage 

Nicole Outen McCune on 5 Keys to Mastering a Confident Self-Image Presentation ~ "If one ask what value did I take away from this presentation, my answer would be that I left the Brunch with a different and new attitude. I usually enjoy a good speaker, especially if they're entertaining and informative. Ms. Capers Brown brought her "A" game! She was high-powered and confidence exuded from her tears. It's rare (outside of church) for a speaker to connect with the audience in such a personal way. The presentation was not only personal but gave you the specific keys, of course, on how to be confident and successful regardless of your circumstances. I value most, the private victories for yourself and how to grow yourself in order to grow your confidence."

Shelia Summers, Property Manager Intermark Management Corp, the City of Columbia on Lead to Succeed Seminar Series. ~"I attended one of Ms. Jackie Leadership seminar series. She is very passionate in what she do. When I first meet her, I was thinking to myself...darn why I couldn't have a cool person like herself as a boss. Ms. Jackie is an awesome leader, motivator, knowledgeable, smart and skillful person. It was a pleasure meeting and attending Ms. Jackie leadership seminar. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom."

Kind Words for Jackie's Leadership Expertise

Linda Huges, National Executive Travel Consultant, CEO/Founder of Successisme Unlimited and Founding Member of Solavei.
"I have known Jackie for several years. Wow, if you're looking for someone with integrity and the strongest work ethic possible then you have just found the end of your rainbow's dream with Jackie. Jackie has the ability to present herself and her product with honesty, style, and grace. She has natural people skills and has a strong sense of customer service.You need to contact this young lady if you are looking for the quality known as, DEPENDABILITY. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER. Thank you, Jackie for all your contributions you are making and have had to our community...many blessings to you and all your endeavors."

Robert Quigley, Ductz of Eastern NC and Myrtle Beach SC. ~ "Jackie was a leader in our Pizza Hut Franchise System. Each visit to her restaurant I always found Jackie to be positive, energetic and professional in everything she did. She was a pleasure to have on our management team. I wish her the best and consider myself lucky that she has found her way back to my circle. Thank you, Jackie! Best of Luck"

Blake Beadle, VP Financial Institutions - Eastern US at Western Union Business Solutions. ~ "I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jackie Brown early on in my career. I was always, again and again, impressed with her ability to motivate her employees to reach their utmost potential, which they often weren’t aware of. Her ability to effectively communicate allowed her to easily gain a rapport with any individual and complete any objective set before her. Jackie also is a tremendous asset to any community in which she lives, as her desire to give back to the community is unparallel to anyone I have ever encountered."

Daniel Ferrucci, Mid-Atlantic Visual Manager of Louis Vuitton. ~" To say that the talent and character of Jackie was excellent would be the greatest injustice anyone could do to her. She is the one who changed my life, she is the one who influenced my career, she is the one I compare every superior to, she is the one that I strive to emulate. Jackie knows how to listen to her team, and reacts to their needs that allow them to not only succeed, but strive to be the best that they can. Working with people that often times failed to see the opportunities that exist for them, she managed to show them a little bit of what can be, a little bit of what they can achieve if they work hard and stay focused. When I started working with Jackie, I was merely a young kid who did not have a direction in life. She saw my talent, and challenged me to succeed, challenged me become the best person, colleague and manager I could be. She showed me how to be successful. There is not a week that goes by that I do not look back on something that she taught me and use it to inspire my teams. Anyone that is fortunate enough to have her as a business partner and friend can consider themselves lucky to have such an amazing talent around them."

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