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Jackie Capers-Brown has a proven track record for helping people redefine what's possible in their lives, achieve their goals and live their dreams. 

Jackie's training programs are centered on  equipping individuals with practical insights and strategies which empower them with the courage and confidence to take effective action  towards the accomplishment of specific outcomes.

She utilizes various training methods to engage auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. Her speaking and training events are highly participatory which helps to create an impactful, relevant and engaging learning experience.

Jackie is known for her inspirational story of going from working as a minimum wage employee with Marriott Hotels to navigating an award-winning leadership career which resulted in her developing several peak performance teams and managing several successful million dollar businesses. And, her ability to navigate a new normal after the unexpected loss of her 14-year-old son, Blease who died from cardiac arrest six months as her GM's promotion at Marriott's Fairfield Inn in Wilmington, NC.

Jackie's 20+ years corporate leadership experience taught her that having information isn't enough to achieve success. You must be willing to apply relevant information to develop the mindset, self-leadership, emotional and social intelligence skills and habits essential to the happiness and success you desire in life. Her results-oriented mantra, "The effectiveness of the actions we take define our level of success!"

As the author of Success Becomes You, Lead to Succeed and Get Unstuck Now, Jackie has had the privilege of delivering presentations to diverse audiences and clients, including small business groups, women groups, criminal justice leaders, government and technology leaders, non-profit, youth educational events and hospitality.

Braveheart Training Group conducts personal growth, team building and leadership development seminars and programs which focus on developing brave leadership skills and cultivating a brave heart to take action on a consistent basis towards the accomplishment of identified outcomes which lead to personal and professional success.

Interested in my group training and mentoring services for your group or organization? Complete my "Work with Me" contact form by clicking on this link.

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