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Meet Jackie >

Hello. I'm Jackie. 

I help people harness their personal story power to embrace their enoughness and slay their unique greatness.

I help leaders (those with and without titles) connect to their strengths, points of power and the brave moments in their life while equipping them with proven breakthrough success strategies that empower them to release fear and old patterns preventing them from living fully and showing up in whatever arena they find themselves with a conviction in their ability to achieve their dreams and goals. 

My 20+ year award-winning leadership career in the hospitality industry provided me with opportunities to develop various skills, such as; Organizational leadership, Leadership Training & Development, Business Management, Creating Yearly Business Budgets, Managing Monthly Business Budgets & P & L Statements, B2B sales & Marketing, HR training & benefits, Community leadership and High-performance Team Development & Management.
My Compelling Why

I was born in “famously hot” Columbia, SC in a family of nine siblings. As a result of being in such a large family, I learned at an early age how to ebb and flow with diverse perspectives and personalities. My family dynamics certainly played a role in my ability to develop "grit", overcome adversities and lead with a strong sense of who I am.

I had hopes of becoming a lawyer until  I became the parent of my two beautiful children, Dee, and Blease. With a limited support system, their well-being became my top priority, so my dream of becoming a lawyer was pushed to the back burner. 

Fortunately, I began to attend weekly bible studies of Pastor Cynthia DeBerry (now deceased) which reignited my faith in God and in myself. When I started working at the Columbia Marriott hotel in Columbia, SC as a minimum wage housekeeper little did I know that the company’s environment would become the place where I would have opportunities to develop and grow my gift of leadership. From this humble beginning, my faith in God, intuitive hunches and the great leaders I had the privilege of working with empowered me to see and reveal the gift of leadership within me.

While I didn’t end up as a lawyer, I discovered the power of servant leadership and how it increases one's influence and impact on others and organizations. This particular leadership style became a game changer in my evolution of becoming an award-winning leader of high-performance teams and million-dollar businesses. 

As a servant-leader, I feel honored each time I play a role in helping individuals develop a conviction about their power to manifest new possibilities in their lives, and the courage to act in the face of their fear and self-doubt so that they create new realities in their lives.  This is the work I was born to do.

It is my belief and experience that a soul on fire will not be denied a compelling desire. When we're inspired from within by a compelling vision that provides us with a sense of meaning aligned with our core values and priorities, we awaken the giant within our divine nature and re-connect to what it feels like to be fully alive. In these moments, our energy is focused with clear intentions toward the creation of new possibilities in our life and work. We experience a sense of fulfillment that allows us to enter the state of flow which boosts our courage, creativity, and productivity

Becoming a Breakthrough Success Specialist

In addition to my passion for developing leaders, my ability to overcome personal and professional setbacks and adversity provides me with an equal sense of purpose: helping people heal and own their power to leverage hard times to their advantage. 

From the loss of my parents by age 19, the loss of my 14-year old son, Blease six months after my first GM’s promotion, to having my new team at that same hotel score me as the least effective GM in the Mid-Atlantic area on my first Employee Opinion Survey in the position, my ability to press on and thrive in the face of these and other adversities had much to do with my faith in God, faith in my ability to figure out what I would need to do next and the leadership vision I'd held of myself since I was a child.  

Empowered by a bold faith and an audacious leadership vision, I was able to remain focused on what mattered most: the quality of service I provided my internal and external customers. This enabled me to lead a culture change by initiating actions that connected team members with an empowering story of who they could become and what we could accomplish. We began to rise above our internal and external challenges to become a team that developed the mindset and habits necessary to win from within. 

Three years after the loss of my son and the devastating results from my first Employee Opinion Survey as a GM, our team was voted by customers as the  #1 hotel out of 300+ plus  Fairfield Inn hotels for customer service, value, cleanliness, and maintenance & upkeep of a hotel property. 

As challenging as these and other difficult experiences may have been in my life, I have a core belief in the strength of the human spirit and the seeds of greatness dwelling in each of us. Today, I share my signature breakthrough success strategy with individuals and leaders, as an empowerment tool that provides a step-by-step process for overcoming internal blocks and external obstacles to succeed in life and at work in the face of challenges. My latest book, Get Unstuck Now serves as a step-by-step guide for my breakthrough success strategies.

Slay Your Greatness Academy

My humble beginnings and my commitment to being a life-long learner continue to inspire and motivate me to share fresh insights and principles that produce results in my life and in the lives of people I have the privilege of serving.  

My award-winning business management and leadership experience, actionable strategies that produce positive results in diverse situations and a commitment to excellence that is grounded in my personal values of integrity, courage, faith, service, personal power, curiosity, and adventure provide massive value to individuals and organizations.

Clients of my training and mentoring programs learn effective principles and strategies for mastering their mindset, managing their mood and maximizing their moxie to boldly position themselves to pursue and achieve "next level" happiness and success in life.

Individuals who apply and integrate the principles and strategies I share into their daily life begin to think bigger, feel bolder and act braver. Thus, their focus and consistency toward initiating purpose-driven action produce better results.

When you increase your capacity to successfully execute a purpose-driven strategy towards your dreams and goals with courage and confidence while remaining agile to new opportunities, new pathways begin to unfold for you to manifest new possibilities in your life and you begin to emerge into the bravest version of your best self.

Ready to find out more about working with me? Click here.

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