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3 BIG Benefits to Dreaming Bigger

The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.
~Eleanor Roosevelt~

Dreamers are brave-hearted. If you’re a dreamer, you know that dreaming is risky business. When you share your vision of what you believe is possible, you are taking an emotional risk of having your dream be accepted or rejected by others.  Rejection is never easy. Yet, you continue to push forward in the face of the push-back you may receive from others who don’t understand your dream or the point of dreaming. If you’re an adult beyond the age of 25, push-back often increases because many people are under the assumption that a person at this age should have figured out what they want to be. God forbid you’re over the age of 40 and decide to pursue a dream, people around you often view your dream pursuits as a “mid-life crisis” or they might think you’ve lost your mind.

Nevertheless, you keep moving forward in the face of these challenges because the “fire in your belly” can’t be seen by the natural eye, it can only be seen with the imagination and felt by your soul. Your dreams of “what can be” excites and inspires you in ways beyond your own understanding, so, don’t be dismayed when others don’t understand your passionate determination to make them your reality. As a dreamer, you’ve decided the vision you have of a new possibility is worthy of the temporary discomforts of fear, self-doubt and uncertainty (F.U.D.) experienced on the journey of realizing your dreams. You keep moving forward as the light of the dream within you illuminates your path.

Three BIG Benefits to Dreaming Bigger
As you display a brave heart towards the achievement of your dreams in the face of F.U.D., you will benefit from dreaming bigger in the following ways:
1.      Dreaming bigger dreams helps you to harness your personal will and direct its energy towards a specific aim. This prevents you from living your life aimlessly. Dreaming bigger gives you a sense of purpose and provides direction for your life.
2.    Dreaming bigger dreams inspires you to place a greater demand on the seeds of greatness dwelling within you. Read most success stories, and, at some point, most people make statements such as, “I didn’t know I had it in me.” Big dreams help us to experience more of our powerful self.
3.    Dreaming bigger dreams increase your influence and impact. Don’t expect many people (especially those closest to you) tell you that by witnessing you pursue your dreams, they are inspired to do the same. Make no mistake about it, they are. So, by dreaming bigger dreams you are indirectly influencing those around you to be braver. Brave-hearted individuals become catalysts for the change we want to see in our world. Therefore, dreaming bigger dreams makes you a world changer!

 Oprah states, “We get in life what we have the courage to ask for.” When you and I dream bigger dreams and set about creating a plan and executing it we will begin to create shifts in our life for our greater good. So dream on dreamer because the better future we all desire is dependent upon it.

Listen to the audio of this message here. You can download it and use it as a motivational tool.

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Live, Love and Lead Bravely

 About the Author
Jackie Capers-Brown is the CEO of Braveheart Training Group, Creator of the Art of Breakthrough Experience and Founder of the Brave Life Project. She teaches the principles of the art of breakthrough in her latest book, Get Unstuck Now: Changing Your Story Unleashes Your Power to Move On and Be Happy. She is currently working on her 4th book, Be Brave Now: Everyday Acts of Courage that Empower You to Live, Love and Lead Bravely. Jackie can be reached via email at Join her online community at

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