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What It Means to Live Brave

To Live Brave Is To... Cultivate a heart of gratitude. Acknowledge daily all the good you have in your life. Stop waiting for someone else to deem you worthy of the love, joy, peace of mind, adventure, abundance and success you desire to experience in life. Take the leading role in your life’s story. Be your own hero or heroine. Define your destiny based on what fuels your core desired feelings and allows you to work in your “strength-zone”. Stop comparing yourself to others. Honor your “You-ness” in ways that serve and enrich your spirit, soul, and body. Use the success of others as a model of inspiration to develop an unshakeable self-belief in your ability to manifest new possibilities in your life. Ditch perfection. Choose to step into your power with a belief that you are good enough, right now, as you are, to do whatever you need to do to move forward and live, love and lead bravely. Feel the range of your emotions like excitement, passion, love, joy and devastating gut-wrenchin…

10 Dream BIG Quotes that Inspire You to Wake Up with a Make It Happen Attitude!

Life keeps moving forward whether or not we choose to passionately pursue our dreams or decide to sit on the sidelines.

Your decision to read this post is an indication that you have no desire to sit on the sidelines. You want to live a life of significance. You want to live your life in a way that makes you proud.

I applaud you for not allowing the circumstances of your life or fear, uncertainty and self-doubt prevent you from using your imagination to see new possibilities and your will to actively pursue the manifestation of this vision as your reality.

It is my intention that the video and image quotes below will inspire you to wake up with a "Make It Happen" attitude towards your dreams. 

You are enough! Start where you are with what you have.

Take Action: Develop the habit of doing something each day that moves you closer towards the reality that your heart and mind desires. 

Live, Love and Lead Bravely


3 BIG Benefits to Dreaming Bigger

The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. ~Eleanor Roosevelt~

Dreamers are brave-hearted. If you’re a dreamer, you know that dreaming is risky business. When you share your vision of what you believe is possible, you are taking an emotional risk of having your dream be accepted or rejected by others.  Rejection is never easy. Yet, you continue to push forward in the face of the push-back you may receive from others who don’t understand your dream or the point of dreaming. If you’re an adult beyond the age of 25, push-back often increases because many people are under the assumption that a person at this age should have figured out what they want to be. God forbid you’re over the age of 40 and decide to pursue a dream, people around you often view your dream pursuits as a “mid-life crisis” or they might think you’ve lost your mind.
Nevertheless, you keep moving forward in the face of these challenges because the “fire in your belly” can’t be seen by the natural eye, it can…