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The Brave New YOU Project Manifesto

Brave choices increase the likelihood that we tap into our authentic power and live a purposeful, happy and successful life. 

Brave choices strengthen our courage muscles.

Brave choices empower us to realize more of our potential as we overcome our emotions and thoughts of fear, uncertainty and self-doubt.

Brave choices enable us to bend reality as we master the power of our mindset, emotions and behaviors and align them with our highest aspirations.

Brave choices are best supported and encouraged by a community of braveheart individuals.

Empowering everyday folks, like you and I to make brave choices that encourage and enable us to live, love and lead bravely reflect the mission of the Brave New YOU Project, which I will be launching in April 2016.

If you've experienced or is experiencing emotions and thoughts of fear, uncertainty and self-doubt that is keeping you from owning your brilliance, I understand. 

On several occasions during the past few years, I've allowed fear, uncertainty and self-doubt deter me from taking actions I knew would position me for more opportunities to do work that gives me a great sense of satisfaction, joy. and meaning, while earning income aligned with the value I bring to each training and mentoring experience.

After slowing down, and investing in specific personal and professional development programs which I believe would help me close the gap between where I am professionally and where I want to be, I  was able to get clear about what I stand for and what I want my business to stand for.

The change in my company's name from Grow Forward & Flourish to Braveheart Training Group reflects the evolution of myself, and the services and programs that will be offered by my business.

In preparation for the launch of the Brave New YOU Project, I  am sharing the current manifesto for the Brave New YOU community. It is still a work in progress. So, if you have any suggestions on how I can improve it, please contact me via email. If it inspires you, then you should join our online community. 

Members of the Braveheart Online Community will receive information and opportunities to access many of my new online programs first, prior to them being released to the general public. Members receive discounts on the purchase of my books, and any fee-based online and LIVE training programs I host. 

As I move towards developing collaborative relationships with individuals of the Brave New YOU Project Advisory Team and leverage their expertise to build an online training platform while consistently delivering LIVE training experiences, I am curious and excited about how this vision will unfold.

Take some time to answer the following life-changing questions: 

How much more joy, love, success. and abundance would you experience if you were braver?

Are your present dreams and goals a reflection of who you are at your best?

Read the following manifesto. If it resonates with your soul then you should join us on the journey of unleashing the brave within us. Feel free to share this article with your friends, families and colleagues. If you're interested in becoming a member of the Brave New YOU Advisory Team, email me so that I can send you information about the team.

 Brave New YOU Project Manifesto

You are braver than you think.
Believe in Yourself. Trust that You Can Handle Life.
Self-Love and Bravery > Fear and Self-Doubt.
Face Your Fear while it is An Emotion,
Before It Becomes a Behavior.
Be Intentional.
Decide What You Stand For.
Open Your Heart and Mind to New Things.
Define Your Destiny by the Compelling Vision 
Stirring within Your Soul.
Connect and Collaborate with Braveheart People.
Go Out and Be Brave Every day.
Be Grateful. Express Your Appreciation.
Be Still. Respect the Wisdom of Your Soul.
Be Kind. Respect Your Feelings and the Feelings of Others.
Be Bold. Embrace New Possibilities with Enthusiasm.
Be Curious. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Be the Hero or Heroine of Your Brave Story.

Download a copy of the Brave New YOU Project manifesto here.

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Live, Love and Lead Bravely, 

Jackie Capers-Brown
CEO, Braveheart Training Group
Founder, Brave New YOU Project

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