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A Brave New You: 10 Bold Moves for Making 2016 Your Best Year Yet

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. ~Marcel Proust~
How many times in 2015 did you keep your mouth shut when you had a fresh perspective on a situation that would have added value to a conversation? How often did you hold yourself back from pursuing something you really wanted in 2015 because you were afraid to fail or be ridiculed by others? Have you, like so many people, bought into the opinion that most of us are battling with the “not enough syndrome” or the “imposter syndrome”?
I’m not denying that there are many among us who are challenged with disempowering thoughts that limit them from having the courage to face their fear head on and demonstrate the bravery that is necessary to rise above their limiting stories and soar with their strengths. Deep down, we know that it is usually fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt that keeps us from speaking up and standing up and declaring our intentions to pursue goals beyond our comfort z…