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How Brave Will You Be in 2016?

In a few weeks, we will be celebrating the dawn of 2016 and with it comes great expectations of new possibilities. At least, that’s what most of us tell our friends, family, co-workers and anyone else who is willing to listen to us. Rarely will we admit that as much as we want to experience positive change in some area of our life, so often, we aren’t brave enough to start or finish what we started at the beginning of the year.
Every worthwhile endeavor that you and I pursue requires bravery. I define bravery as the physical demonstration of courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is taking action in the face of fear as a result of a commitment we make to ourselves about a specific outcome we intend to realize.

When you think about the top three experiences you want in 2016, will these experiences require you to stretch beyond your comfort zone? Will they require you to be vulnerable? Do they challenge your preconceived limitations about yourself and others? Will you take on a …