Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day: A Celebration of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving Beloved. It is my heartfelt desire that on this holiday you will be in awe or reverence for the blessings all around you, which hopefully inspires a greater measure of appreciation for those you love.

With so much attention on the preparation of the Thanksgiving meal and taking advantage of Early Bird Black Friday Sales, so many of us can become so dizzy and distracted by activities that we forget to be fully present in the moment with those we love.

Let that not be the case for you. Embody the fullness of NOW as you engage your family, friends, co-workers and even strangers today so as the moments unfold, you feel the blessings all around you.

It is our ability to be fully present with the NOW are we able to give our full focus and attention to the people we interact with today and every day. Allowing yourself to be open and alive for each moment you share is all there is.

Celebrate collective memories that increase the joy of those present. Be mindful of reminiscing on the past of others, as we are all on a journey of evolution, and no two journeys are alike. Let this day be a day of celebration for the hard-won victories individuals have achieved as they’ve navigated their life paths based on their consciousness at the time.

Allow your light to be a beacon of hope, encouragement and support for those that you interact with, and don’t allow activities to get in the way of truly connecting with others from your heart.

If we would all set this as our intention as we engage today’s festivities, we will find that our ability to truly connect with others at a heart level showers our soul with so much love that we will go to sleep tonight with our mind, spirit and soul overflowing with gratitude.

Love and gratitude,