You Are the Answer to Someone's Prayer

So often, we underestimate our power to make a difference in the lives of others. This self-doubt rubs us of the wonderful opportunities we have around us to be an answer to someone's prayer.

During the course of our lives, each of us has gained knowledge and wisdom from our experiences that can be shared with others to help reduce their learning curve and improve their decision-making and success in life.

In spite of the expansion of the Internet and the knowledge that we have available at our fingertips when we Google any topic, as humans there is still a need and desire for human touch. 

You and I want to feel and know that people believe we are important, valued and worthy of their sincere concern and care. Regardless of how much we know intellectually, our 
emotional need to feel loved by others will ALWAYS be present within us.

This fact provides each of us with an opportunity to reach out to someone and become an answer to their prayer by demonstrating a sincere concern for their growth and well-being.

We don't need anyone's permission to be a person that makes a difference. All we need to be an answer to someone's prayer is an awareness of how who we are and what we know can help make a positive difference  towards a cause and/or in the lives of others, and seek out or create opportunities that allow us to utilize our strength, skills and smarts toward a positive outcome.

Answering with a YES!

Years ago when I was just an hourly employee, I decided to go through the training necessary to become a literacy tutor because I wanted to help a co-worker improve his reading skills. He had graduated from high-school, yet he was reading at a 6th-grade level. This disturbed me at my core as an avid reader. So, I decided to take action to make a difference in his life.

At the time, my life was far from perfect. I didn't allow my "imperfect" life stop me from answering the call in my soul with a resounding YES!

My intention was clear, I wanted to help him improve his reading skills. I approached my commitment towards the training and becoming a literacy tutor for my co-worker from a place of love. 

After becoming his tutor, I helped him improve his reading level to the 8th grade. He and his wife were able to get help from our local vocational rehabilitation office and they opened up a food cart in our local airport.

I was so proud of how they were willing to stretch themselves beyond the limiting beliefs that had them believing that they were only capable of working for someone at minimum wage because of their disabilities. 

This experience helped me to see and feel the impact that my support and sincere concern for someone could lead to lasting change as they begin to see themselves in a higher light. It influenced the leader I would become later on and it to this day it influences my passionate determination to pay it forward in the lives of others.

The power to have this level of impact in the life of another is not just in some of us, it's in everybody.

Someone Needs What You Can Give

Imagine how powerful your presence in the life of someone would be...when they view your help and support as an answer to their prayer.

Join me in this quest to be an answer to someone's prayer by identifying a cause or person that you want to help support and just do it. Don't overthink your decision. Just start to take action towards the goal of being a person that makes a difference in your community and your life will expand beyond what you can imagine or think.

Our collective efforts will empower us to become World Changers!

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