Sunday, May 24, 2015

Be Inspired with Positive Vibes from these Videos by Peter Sharp and The Liberators

I'm becoming a huge fan of Peter Sharp who considers himself an Adventurer, Social Artist, Philosopher & World Peace Maker. 

Peter is leading the social movement Good Vibrations Barcelona.  His work inspires me with hope in the goodness of humanity. Check him out and his work on Inspiralight and be inspired too.

His quote, "Freedom is a state of mind" resonates so deeply within me. I'm using this quote to challenge myself to express more hope and positivity in the work I do as a "Champion of Possibility."

Why Should We Believe Freedom is a State of Mind?

We can be in the right place with the wrong frame of mind. When we're in the right place with the wrong frame of mind, we aren't able to discern the possibility of new possibilities that exist at that moment. So often, this results in us missing opportunities to create positive change in some aspect of our lives. 

In my own life, I can see in many instances how not having the right frame of mind prevented me from seeing what was possible during various times of my life.

 Today, I'm sharing a few of Peter's videos that inspire me to embrace freedom as a state of mind. This journey is liberating. I want to share it with others so that perhaps they are inspired to elevate their consciousness of this liberating possibility. Hopefully, these videos will increase your positive vibes and encourage you to spread more hope and positivity within your circles.

3 Minutes of Good Vibrations

Blind Social Experiment. I Trust You. Do You Trust Me?

Dance of Freedom Smashes Chains of Fear

Man Inspires Public to Break Into a Massive Party

So, what did you think about the videos? How did they make you feel? Do you think dancing more would liberate us from our fear? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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