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Video Lessons on Courage and Vulnerability by Brené Brown

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, 

creativity and change.” 

~Brené Brown~

Each of us experience moments in our lives when we question if we have what it takes to achieve a dream or goal. I'm no different.

What I've learned is this, we have a choice, we can focus on what we can do or focus on what we can't do. Within the power of our choices, we define our life's path.

That being said, it isn't always easy to override our mental chatter of self-doubt and feelings that we are not enough without support.

So, when I am having self-doubt about a dream or goal that I really want to manifest as a reality in my life, I use the Internet and books to look for inspiration from people I admire. One of those individuals is Brené Brown.

I wouldn't say that I'm obsessed with Brené Brown because I carry her book, Daring Greatly in my handbag, I would say, I admire her guts. I admire her guts because I can remember when I embodied a fearlessness that made me feel unstoppable. And I remember when my fearlessness transformed into living life with more caution as I told myself, "I'm getting older." "I should be done with the risk-taking." Or, so I thought.

I started telling myself this story in my mid-40's. Slowly this belief began to disconnect me from one of the prime attributes (courage) which enabled me to experience many celebratory moments during my life that would have never happened had I not had the moxie to embrace purposeful opportunities wholeheartedly.

As a result of writing my latest book, Get Unstuck Now and the feedback I received from book reviewers and several people who have purchased or received it as a gift, I came to a crossroads where I had to decide if I was going to embrace the message in my book with my authentic power or I was going to play small and stay under the radar and hope somehow the message would spread and add value to the lives of others.

At the beginning of this year during one of my morning meditations, the following words came to the forefront of my mind, "Master the lessons you've learned." At this moment, I knew I had the answer to my dilemma.  

These words of wisdom are now on a dry erase board in my writing space to remind me that any progress I've ever made in my life started by leveraging what I already knew to be true for me. It was never about what someone else believed about me or what anyone else was doing. Every defining decision in my life that led to building momentum towards a specific direction and the achievement of a goal started with me playing the hand I'd been dealt with the intention of winning. With that being said, I choose to embrace this path of sharing the message in Get Unstuck Now wholeheartedly. 

Although I have a course of actions outlined to share the core message of my book, I know from experience that I must maintain an open mind and be willing to revise my plan as this path unfolds. And as I do, I'll be re-reading various sections of Daring Greatly and listening to videos like the ones I'm sharing with you in this post by Brené Brown to gain valuable lessons for being courageous enough to show up and be seen in the arena. 

Lessons on Courage and Vulnerability by Brené Brown

The Two Most Dangerous Words In Your Vocabulary

Why Vulnerability is Your Greatest Strength

Faking It, Perfectionism, and Living Wholeheartedly

Joy: It's Terrifying

Shame is Lethal

6 Types of People Who Do Not Deserve to Hear Your Shame Story

I hope that these lessons on courage and vulnerability will inspire you to dare greatly this year and beyond.

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In gratitude,

xoxo Jackie

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