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My Three Words for 2015

Last year, I read Chris Brogan’s post here which shared a practice he’s been doing since 2006 to achieve his goals versus the normal ritual of setting resolutions. I found that the practice helps me keep the “big picture” in mind as I make decisions, see, seize and create opportunities that increase the likelihood I would experience more of what I desire in the New Year.

I started the practice last year. I shared it at a presentation and on my blog and I was amazed at how it resonated with so many people. Last year, my three words were align, design and deliver. I wrote in my post 4 Keys to Unleashing Your Greatness, “I know from my experience that if I align my thoughts and behavior with my desired outcomes for this year, I will design a strategic plan for accomplishing my goals that increase my capacity to deliver results that can make 2014 my best year yet. If I get off track… my three words align, design and deliver would do double duty as my compass to get me back on track.

My Three Words for 2015

Flow. I will concentrate my energy and attention towards growing my brand and business in ways that is authentic to who I am. I will schedule what’s most important to growing my business by looking at the end goals for the year and breaking them down on a quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis. I will say NO to experiences that are not directly related to any of my personal and business goals for this year, so that I am able to say YES to those opportunities that are aligned with my desired experiences.

Expand. I have scheduled specific training during each quarter of the year for the purpose of developing and sharpening my skills as a life coach and online entrepreneur so that I can expand my business. As a result of moving my blog to the Rainmaker Platform during the first quarter of 2015, I will have access to all the critical metrics for managing an online business on one dashboard which for my personality and business experience works best for me versus using several different tools from different companies. Seeing real-time accurate measurements on a daily basis will help me to monitor and make course corrections to achieve weekly, monthly and quarterly business goals. In my personal life, I will expand my community service through the launch of the Elevate Dreamers Academy. And I’ve put nourishing my soul on the calendar by attending my first retreat in the fall.

Serve. I have the heart of a servant-leader. I understand that my business purpose is to design products and services that help solve problems, produce results and meet the emotional needs of those I serve. By creating a schedule of offline and online group training and coaching programs which I will produce (in the some cases with the help and support of the talents of others), I have the opportunity to provide high quality content, training and products on a consistent basis which will help me increase my influence of enhancing the well-being of my targeted market and audience.

So, what are your three words for 2015? Share them in the comments below, on your website, social media sites, with your friends and family. Use them to monitor your decisions and progress throughout the year.

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