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10 Motivational Videos to Champion Your Potential

Motivation is generally defined as the desire or willingness to do something. We know that it is easier to think and have a desire for something then it is to stay focused on the execution of the tasks necessary to make the something we desire an actual reality. Maintaining our motivation over the long haul of any change process requires that we get creative in keeping ourselves amped up along the journey.

Personally, one of the strategies that I use to help me strengthen my desire, drive and focus is watching motivational videos on various topics. As we prepare to position ourselves to make this year better than the last, I wanted to share with you some of the motivational videos that inspire me to champion my potential for the long-term.

At the end of this year, our ability to achieve the desired goals we have established for the next twelve months depends on many things, one of which is our ability to remain motivated towards our goals in the face of failure, missteps, detours and roadblocks. It’s easy to stay motivated when everything is going our way. It’s much more difficult to do so in the face of obstacles. Yet, it is doable.

As you view the following videos, you will notice common themes, one of which is ALL highly successful people learn how to dig deep within the treasure of their potential to tap into a greater measure of the strength of their spirit to master the mindset and behaviors necessary to bounce back from inevitable setbacks to achieve desired goals.

My intention for this post is to provide you with playlist of motivational videos that you can refer back to often throughout your journey to champion your potential so that you ALWAYS remember the compelling WHY you started on the journey towards a particular goal in the first place. And if along the journey you recognize that the goal you initially desired is no longer the experience you want most, it is my hope that these videos inspire you with the courage to make a U-turn and pursue that which will be more meaningful to you.

Believe In Yourself




How Bad Do You Want It

Silencing the Critics

Hard Times

 No Fear

Becoming Better than Yesterday

The Greatness Within

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy!

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