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10 Motivational Videos to Champion Your Potential

Motivation is generally defined as the desire or willingness to do something. We know that it is easier to think and have a desire for something then it is to stay focused on the execution of the tasks necessary to make the something we desire an actual reality. Maintaining our motivation over the long haul of any change process requires that we get creative in keeping ourselves amped up along the journey.
Personally, one of the strategies that I use to help me strengthen my desire, drive and focus is watching motivational videos on various topics. As we prepare to position ourselves to make this year better than the last, I wanted to share with you some of the motivational videos that inspire me to champion my potential for the long-term.
At the end of this year, our ability to achieve the desired goals we have established for the next twelve months depends on many things, one of which is our ability to remain motivated towards our goals in the face of failure, missteps, detours and ro…

My Three Words for 2015

Last year, I read Chris Brogan’s post here which shared a practice he’s been doing since 2006 to achieve his goals versus the normal ritual of setting resolutions. I found that the practice helps me keep the “big picture” in mind as I make decisions, see, seize and create opportunities that increase the likelihood I would experience more of what I desire in the New Year.
I started the practice last year. I shared it at a presentation and on my blog and I was amazed at how it resonated with so many people. Last year, my three words were align, design and deliver. I wrote in my post 4 Keys to Unleashing Your Greatness, “I know from my experience that if Ialign my thoughts and behavior with my desired outcomes for this year, I will design a strategic plan for accomplishing my goals that increase my capacity to deliver results that can make 2014 my best year yet. If I get off track… my three words align, design and deliver would do double duty as my compass to get me back on track.

My Year End Review of 2014

I started 2014 with great anticipation as I planned to build upon what was working in 2013. I presented 4 Keys to Stepping Into Your Leadership Greatness in January to a very engaged crowd of women and two men at the WOW event. A few weeks later, I began my FREE Lead to Succeed Seminar Series which took place each Monday during February. I conducted the series as a way of paying forward all the support that I’ve received and continue to receive from others.
My daughter, Dee was on her way to the first seminar when she was in a car accident resulting in her car being totaled. Fortunately, she was able to walk away from the accident with her life and a few bruises.
A Major Loss During the month of February, our family was faced with the unexpected loss of my nephew Davon Capers. His death was like a sucker punch to the gut of our family. We are all still processing the grief that comes from such a loss. I ask that you say a special prayer for my brother, Laronzo, his wife, Charlene, my n…

Why Changing Your Story Activates Your Potential to Achieve Your Goals

As we embark on another New Year, many of us have established goals that we want to accomplish in the next twelve months. These goals range from losing weight, being happier, saving money, making more money, starting a business, positioning our businesses for greater growth, going after a promotion, doing work that we’re passionate about, spending more time with family and friends, stop smoking, unplugging from technology, accepting and loving ourselves, giving back to our communities to working harder and making every attempt to not screw up this year. There is no doubt that the achievement of any of these goals would greatly improve the quality of our lives.
A Recent Study on New Year Resolutions According to the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 8 percent of people are successful in the achievement of their New Year’s resolutions (goals). Now, if I hadn't developed the mindset to know that this study is only a reflection of the people who participated i…