TOP 10 TED Talks for Inspiring the Best in You

I believe it is necessary for our well-being to immerse ourselves in diverse environments, around different people with different perspectives about various areas of life in order to be a well-rounded and fully actualize human beings. 

In my recent case-study work with various groups to help participants get unstuck and move forward in life, one of the key components that stands out in my mind as a defining characteristic of those who took effective action towards creating positive change and those that were more resistant to my suggestions and wisdom gained from my plethora of life experiences and research on the topic was this: the individuals who were open to different perspectives on the stories that they were telling themselves about themselves and the emotional meanings they had attached to various experiences in their lives were able to create and maintain momentum towards moving forward in their lives during and after their group ended while those who were less open to different perspectives, in several cases, returned to the "familiar" state of mind and behavior which keeps them stuck.

This insight from these various groups emulates what I found to be true in my own life. Periods in which I believed and assumed that “my way” of thinking was “the” way to perceive a particular situation or experience often resulted in me remaining stuck until I began to seek out different perspectives on the situation and experience. Whereas during periods in my life when I was constantly immersing myself with various perspectives about different aspects of my life and experiences, I was able to expand my awareness, understanding and capacity to be more, do more and experience more of what I truly desired. 

Because of my experiences and continuous research on the power of story on our lives, this has now become a central focus of my speaking, mentoring and coaching activities. I believe that everyone can live a life that inspires the best in them. Central to this achievement is the transforming our story. It is our inner-map that shapes our beliefs, identity, decisions, experiences and quality of life.

I have chosen to share these particular TED Talks because of the diversity of perspectives presented by each speaker. I recommend that you save this article and share this article with those closest to you so that each of you can refer back to it for inspiration, motivation and empowerment as you move forward towards living a life that inspires the best in YOU!

"Nature. Beauty. Gratitude." A spectacular presentation of the wonder of nature and gratitude through the lens of Louie Schwartzberg.

Actress Thandie Newton discusses the importance of "embracing otherness to find ourselves."

 Sheena Iyenger discusses "the art of choosing."

Kathryn Schulz discusses "on being wrong.

Brene Brown discusses "the power of vulnerability."

Janet Echelman discusses "taking creativity seriously."

Sarah Lewis discusses "embrace the near wins."

Kelly McGonigal discusses "how to make stress your friend."

Andy Puddicombe discusses "all it takes is 10 mindful minutes."

Matt Cutts discusses "try something new for 30 days".

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