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#FeelingGrateful by Sabrina Priest

This is Day 12 of the 30-Day "Feeling Grateful" Blog Series on Grow Forward & Flourish. My heart is full of gratitude because of individuals like Sabrina Priest, who raised her hand and said YES! I'll be a part of encouraging others to embrace the power of gratitude in their everyday lives by sharing reasons why I feel grateful. 

Thank you Sabrina!

Sabrina Priest is The Business Navigation Coach and owner of GPS for Your Business LLC. She coaches women solopreneurs in the startup phase of their online business to “knock down” the negative barriers of fear, frustration and overwhelm to gain the self-confidence needed to create a clear direction that allows their business to grow, prosper and succeed. Additionally, with Sabrina’s guidance, women solopreneurs are empowered to build a strong business foundation which enables them to focus their talent, time, energy and resources effectively and efficiently to achieve the business results they desire most.

To learn more about Sabrina’s coaching services and to receive your Free Business Tool to Discovering the 8 Elements to A Successful Solopreneurs Business, visit

Here are a few reasons why Sabrina Priest is #FeelingGrateful…

While growing into young adulthood, I remember being constantly told by my older and wiser elders to always “count my blessings.” Of course, at that young age, as the proverbial saying goes, “the words went in one ear and out the other.” The meaning of those words only resonated with me on the surface - appreciating only the physical things that I could see, touch, smell and hear. However, as I began to experience life, those blessings have traveled deep down within my being and are still traveling deeper still. And I am grateful to Ms. Jackie Capers-Brown for letting me reflect what I’m grateful for as a part of her “Feeling Grateful” blog series.

1.     I’ll never stop being grateful for relationships. As I’ve matured over the years, I’ve discovered how important relationships are to me - the good, the bad, the so-so, the seen, the unseen, the past, the current and the future - no matter the type of person they are, where they live or their occupation. These personal interchanges will continue to play a role in helping me be the best person I can be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for myself, my family and my friends. Without each and every personal experience with others at this juncture in my life, I’m not sure what kind of person I would be today.

So I am definitely grateful that now I know how to “count my blessings” beyond the surface of my senses so as to cultivate meaningful relationships with others on deeper levels while ignoring the fear of rejection, personal doubts, and prejudices.

2.   My favorite way to say thank you is to just say it - just show it. There’s no guessing, thinking, or hesitation about it. It’s automatic. I’ve found that by saying thank you about “little things” makes it much easier to say it when it really matters. I am a firm believer that actions do speak louder than words. Adults are surprised when they hear my kids say “thank you” without a prompt to do so. On the other hand, I’m usually the one who is shocked that the other adult is surprised to hear these two words being modeled by children. Deep down, I feel good that by just uttering the words “thank you”, my children can provide a well-deserved “shock of gratitude” to others who never even saw it coming.

3.   The best thank you I’ve received has been from my family. It’s always good when those who are closest to you thank you for what you do. But being thanked for who I am is the best thank you I could ever receive from them. Even when times are tough, my family is there to support me, not by telling me what to do but by letting me know that they have the utmost confidence in my abilities to deal successfully with the problems at hand. Knowing that others care about my well-being, is the best thank you I could receive.

4.   When I was a kid, I didn’t realize how grateful I should have been for my upbringing - at least not until I had a family with kids of my own. There was a special moment when that realization finally hit me. When I uttered these words to my children, “You won’t understand what I’m talking about until you become grown and you have your own children.” OMG! I was beginning to sound like my mother.

I got on the phone right after that and told my mom she was right and that I was grateful to her for her words of wisdom. Everything she had taught me was wrapped up in a cute bow and uttered with confidence in that statement when I spoke it and continue to speak it to my own children. I’ve already put my children on notice - I’ll be waiting for my future phone call.

5.    (Bonus) The attitude of gratitude helps me to keep a humble and honest view of myself and others. The attitude of gratitude keeps me grounded to cope with fear, overwhelm, frustration and setbacks in life to find the silver lining in everything.  When I graduated from high school, I received the framed poem “Don’t Quit.” Weaved throughout the poem, is the attitude of gratitude. The author of the work is Unknown. That’s a shame because I would like to bestow my gratitude to him or her for the lifetime of encouragement that keeps on giving.

Like Sabrina, you can be a blessing in the lives of others by sharing a few reasons why you are "feeling grateful." Your participation will be meaningful to the thousands of readers that visit this site each week and it enables you to help make a difference in the lives of others.

Submissions for the "Feeling Grateful" Blog Series will be taken up until November 20th, 2014.

You can find out about submission guidelines in this article, Get Into the Thanksgiving Spirit: Be a Part of the "Feeling Grateful" Blog Series and discover a daily ritual that have been proven to enhance well-being.

If you know someone who might be interested in participating, please share this post with them. I would appreciate it.

Join the conversation on Twitter @Coach_JackieB and share why you are feeling grateful using the hash tag #FeelingGrateful.

Grateful Heart

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