Friday, November 7, 2014

#FeelingGrateful by Marilyn Rankin

This is Day 7 of the 30-Day "Feeling Grateful" Blog Series on Grow Forward & Flourish. My heart is full of gratitude because of individuals like Marilyn Rankin, who raised her hand and said YES! I'll be a part of encouraging others to embrace the power of gratitude in their everyday lives by sharing reasons why I feel grateful. 

Thank you Marilyn!

Marilyn has a great appreciation and love for life! She is the Founder of Sublime Coaching and a grateful mom and wife. She loves connecting with like-minded individuals as well as learning from others of different beliefs. Her interests include positivity, spirituality, and the laws of attraction, fitness, animals and the arts. Marilyn has dramatically transformed herself in many areas and has a strong desire to help and inspire others to find their true calling and live their passion.

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Here are a few reasons why Marilyn Rankin is #FeelingGrateful…

1.     I'll never be stop being grateful for… the love of my husband and son.  My husband and I have been through many challenging situations in our marriage and we have never let it get the best of us.  I am grateful for his unwavering love and support in moments of my madness.  I am grateful for my son.  He is truly my sunshine.  He allows my inner child to come alive and be present.  When I am not feeling particularly upbeat, I ask him for a hug and in that moment everything is right with the world.  I have such an appreciation for the simplicity of life when I am with him.  And he gives the best hugs and kisses.

2.   My favorite way to say thank you is … to do something nice for someone.  I love to engage people in conversation.  I love to be a resource for someone, for no reason.  I also like to spend uninterrupted time with my favorite people, my husband and son.   In today's world, we are so busy with email, texting and anything else that takes us away from what is truly important.  Spending quality time with those you love, uninterrupted by technology, is the best way to say "I love you and you are important to me."

3.   The best thank you I've received was … from the partner of a friend who was dying from cancer.  He had always felt ashamed of being gay and he was afraid that he wouldn't be accepting into heaven.  I gave him some loving words and a video to watch by Louise Hay.  A few days later, my friend came into work and with tears in his eyes expressed his partner’s gratitude for the information.  He said that his partner felt that he could leave this world with his soul at peace.  It was in this moment that I became aware of the power of love.  I had never met my friend’s partner but I felt an overwhelming need to help him in his moment of need.  His thank you meant more to me than anything.

4.   When I was a kid, I didn't realize how grateful I should have been… for my life.  I was completely unaware of the spiritual aspects of life.  How what we think is what we become.  That our way of thinking could adversely affect our health and ability to succeed in life and love.  I wish I would have known that everything happens for a reason and that life lessons are meant to make us stronger not break us down.  No one educated me about this theory.  It would be 20+ years later that I would be shown the way to happiness and fulfillment.

5.    (Bonus) The attitude of gratitude helps me to … live each day in a good place.  When I wake up in the morning I thank GOD for my health, family and friends.  These are the most important things in life.  I also thank him for allowing my family and I to have the material items that we need in order to live comfortably.  Expressing gratitude helps me to not take for granted the people and moments we are blessed to love and experience.  Being grateful allows me to truly live in the moment.  Gratitude is the foundation of happiness and emotional and mental health.  

Like Marilyn, you can be a blessing in the lives of others by sharing a few reasons why you are "feeling grateful." Your participation will be meaningful to the thousands of readers that visit this site each week and it enables you to help make a difference in the lives of others.

Submissions for the "Feeling Grateful" Blog Series will be taken up until November 9th, 2014. You can find out about submission guidelines in this article, Get Into the Thanksgiving Spirit: Be a Part of the "Feeling Grateful" Blog Series and discover a daily ritual that have been proven to enhance well-being.

If you know someone who might be interested in participating, please share this post with them. I would appreciate it.

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Grateful Heart

Jackie Capers-Brown
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