Saturday, November 8, 2014

#FeelingGrateful by Kimberly Goodloe

This is Day 8 of the 30-Day "Feeling Grateful" Blog Series on Grow Forward & Flourish. My heart is full of gratitude because of individuals like Kimberly Goodloe, who raised her hand and said YES! I'll be a part of encouraging others to embrace the power of gratitude in their everyday lives by sharing reasons why I feel grateful. Thank you Kimberly!

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Kimberly is a wife, mother, friend, daughter, health advocate and an American Heart Association Ambassador. She became a health advocate and an American Heart Association Ambassador as a result of having to undergo surgery to receive a new heart valve plus a pace maker.

Kimberly feels that her experience have given her a purpose for her journey. She promotes heart awareness throughout diverse communities. She shares the following words of wisdom to anyone facing a health challenge: focus on your blessings, become your own health advocate, know your risk factors, create a journal, communicate with your physician and never give up!

For additional information about Kimberly, visit her health website:

Here are a few reasons why Kimberly Goodloe is #FeelingGrateful…

1.      I'll never be stop being grateful for... my second chance at life.  God healed me (from open heart & two pace maker surgeries), now I give back by helping the community.
2.    My favorite way to say thank you is:  through prayer for all my wonderful blessings.

3.    The best thank you I've received was … from my husband, son & daughter on Mother’s Day.

4.    When I was a kid, I didn't realize how grateful I should have been for … the small things in life.

5.     (Bonus) The attitude of gratitude helps me to … cherish every moment with my devoted husband, adorable children , family , neighbors & friends,  press forward during my daily health challenges, plus  encourage heart/stroke patients to  find one reason to smile very day & maintain a positive outlook on life.

Like Kim, you can be a blessing in the lives of others by sharing a few reasons why you are "feeling grateful." Your participation will be meaningful to the thousands of readers that visit this site each week and it enables you to help make a difference in the lives of others.

Submissions for the "Feeling Grateful" Blog Series will be taken up until November 20th, 2014. The deadline date have been extended to allow more people to share reasons why they feel grateful. 

You can find out about submission guidelines in this article, Get Into the Thanksgiving Spirit: Be a Part of the "Feeling Grateful" Blog Series.  In this article you will discover a daily ritual that have been proven to enhance well-being.

If you know someone who might be interested in participating, please share this post with them. I would appreciate it.

Join the conversation on Twitter @Coach_JackieB and share why you are feeling grateful using the hash tag #FeelingGrateful.

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