Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 17 of #FeelingGrateful Blog Series: Gratitude the Fun Way by Daniel M. Walsh

Becoming the gratitude hub

When you give out a lot of gratitude, you become like the hub of a wheel with positivity radiating out in every direction. Have you ever noticed how there's always at least one person who seems highly connected to everyone else? Maybe you know someone like this, maybe you are someone like this, the kind of person you can always turn to at any time and they always have something positive to say.
When gratitude becomes an integral part of your life, and you build a reputation as being a grateful person, you'll find that everyone around you begins to change the way they treat you. You see, when honestly expressing gratefulness towards others becomes a natural habit, people will very soon begin to cherish and even 'protect' your relationship with them.
When this happens, the world around you changes and everywhere you go people greet you with smiling faces, are eager to see you, and are oddly enthusiastic about helping you out. That's echo of gratitude coming back at you.

Getting started with gratitude

It's easy to feel grateful, and that's good because feeling it is the first step. But it isn't always so easy to express it to towards others. Somehow we've created a society where it may feel a bit odd to gush praise to a waitress or cab driver.
But here's the secret, although it may feel odd, it doesn't take long at all for that odd feeling to be blown away. All it takes is a few heartfelt expressions of gratitude towards total strangers and you'll be hooked for life. The smile they give you when your gratitude warms their heart will be more then enough to keep you going with this practice.
The neat thing about gratitude is that every time we share it, it gets amplified. So to start your adventures with practical gratefulness, I'm going to give you a simple little exercise you can start right away.

Practicing Gratitude

Here's all you need to do to experience this for yourself: "Express specific gratitude to the next 5 people who serve you in anyway."
This practice is about being specific, don't just say "thanks," what we're looking for here is to truly acknowledge another person for the service they've just given you. People are serving you all day, so this should be easy. It can be a co-worker, someone at the coffee shop, a grocery clerk, gas station attendant, a waiter or waitress, or anyone else who does anything for you.
It's easy, fun, and the smile on their faces might just change the way you feel for the rest of your life!

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