Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 16 of #FeelingGrateful Blog Series: The Power of Politeness by Cortence Batiste

Have you ever met a person that really made quite an impression on you with mere politeness? Have you ever had someone hold the door open for you? Smile at you? Wish you a good day? These are all seeds of politeness. How did these acts of politeness make you feel? Did you know that making others feel good has positive benefits on your life as well?
Sometimes we go through life without even realizing how powerful our words and actions can be in our daily lives. Planting seeds of politeness with simple gestures of "Good Morning" and seeds of gratitude such as "Thank you" are beneficial to our overall well being. Studies have shown that using politeness plays a positive role in a person's overall happiness in life. Children have been shown to be less involved with bullying and more socially active. Politeness can give an employee a competitive edge in the workplace by contributing a positive core characteristic desired by clients that businesses need in order to be successful.

With social pressures in our society to be successful and perform at high levels of achievement, politeness and the value of it can get lost in the constant battle for perfection. You cannot put a price tag on the value of politeness. It is invaluable when you review to overall benefits of how it can not only add joy and contentment in your life but also provide you with the power to completely pass a smile unto a person whom may have had a bad day. The power to positively affect someone else's day will inherently place you on the kind side of karma.
Cortence Batiste
Motivational Speaker
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