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Day 14 of #FeelingGrateful Blog Series: Learn the Power of Gratitude by Keith Cook

There have been numerous studies concerning thought, energy, and mind power. How the power of positive thoughts can heal, empower, and manifest. On the same token, negative thoughts, grudges, vendettas, and harboring hurtful destructive feelings can only bring about these same negative actions into your life. Your negative thoughts and feelings only harm you because they are your thoughts. Your thoughts become the pictures of your life.

Here's a personal story of how good thoughts, gratitude, and belief manifested healing. In Rhonda Byrne's best selling book, The Secret, Kathy Goodman tells her inspiring story. Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided to chant, "Thank you for my healing" day in and day out for three months. Kathy decided only to watch funny movies and use laughter as a way to dissolve the cancer. She believed in her heart and stood by her faith that she was already healed; she acted as if she was healed. She believed that she could have what she asked for and gave thanks for it in advance.She went back to the doctor after three months and the cancer was gone. All this was accomplished without chemo or radiation treatment. This story illustrates 3 extraordinary powers in operation; the power of gratitude to heal, the power of faith to receive, and the power of laughter and joy to dissolve disease in our bodies.

I was involved in sports and I suffered a knee and shoulder injury. I've had 3 surgeries on my knee to repair a torn ACL and MCL tear, and I have a pen in my shoulder from being dislocated 3 times. I decided I'd had enough of the pain. For about four or so months I chanted, "Thank you for my healing" and pictured myself doing all the activities I did before I got hurt. I saw myself as though I was already healed. I pictured myself playing aggressively and confidently with my peers and friends. I pictured myself running, jumping, doing what made me happy. I could see myself enjoying walks, interacting with kids and rigorous exercise. I gave thanks for the people who brought joy in my life. I gave thanks for my excellent health. Anything I could think of that made me happy I gave thanks for it.

Giving thanks for what you have now will bring more wonderful things into your life. Giving thanks for what you want in advance, increases your desire for the object and attracts the object to you. I am so happy and grateful now that my body is healed. I am rejuvenated, and I feel eternally youthful!

Keith is an avid reader, writer, poet, and motivational teacher. He teaches, empowers, and motivates people to discover their passions, fulfill their dreams, and achieve their life's purpose. Get inspirational quotes, articles, books, etc at:, and enjoy reading his poetry at
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