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5 Ways to Kick Your “Funk” to the Curve and Get Back In the Game

Each of us from time to time get in a “funk”. For some reason we feel down, tired all the time, grumpy and grouchy. People and experiences that usually bring us a lot of joy and satisfaction begin to annoy us and get on our last nerve. Sometimes, we can identify an event that troubled us which led to our predicament of being in a “funk”, while other times we haven’t a clue. We just know that we aren’t feeling our best nor are we being our best self.

When we recognize that we are in a “funk” or before we get into a “funky mood” it’s important that we have a few established practices that we can implement whenever we feel we are in a “funk” or feel that we are slowly taking on a “funky” disposition. These collection of practices will enable us to kick “funk” to the curve and get back in the game. They are meant to enhance a positive feelings and emotions that improves our mood.

In my book, Get Unstuck Now I share several strategies from my "Feel Good Toolbox" for re-engaging life when we feel stuck. It is my belief that when we allow a mood of “funk” to become a part of our daily way of living it can result in us feeling stuck in a rut. 

To avoid this, here are a few suggestions that will increase your engagement with life, overall satisfaction and “feel good” emotions.
#1. Get Involved.

When we are in a “funk” we become self-centered. Our thoughts are dominated by what’s going on in our lives and how some aspect of our life is not as we want it to be. Shifting our focus off of ourselves onto others who are in need is a great way for us to see the “bigger” picture of life. This action tends to enlarge our perspective on the reasons we may not be feeling as good about ourselves and our life and how it is possible that our perspective on our situation is too narrow to solve or change it. Doing good, feels good.

#2. Get Moving

Studies have proven that regular exercise can have the same effect on our mood as taking an anti-depressant pill every day. My knees are no longer in the condition that allows me to run so I’ve become an avid walker. The daily practice of walking 30 minutes daily helps me maintain my cardiovascular health and manage changes in my mood that could often lead to a “funky” disposition. Most of the time, I walk outside, however, when the weather doesn’t allow it, I travel to a nearby mall and walk inside.  If you don’t exercise regularly, start doing what you can and work your way up from there. The objective is to get your body moving on a regular basis. Strive for progress not perfection.

#3. Play that Funky Music and Get Your Dance On

Music that stirs our heart and feet have a way of making us feel good. So, create a new playlist of songs that inspire you to feel good about yourself and life and crank up your “funky music”. Check out some new dance moves on You Tube and begin to practice them. For me, dancing allows me to get out of myself and into a groove that makes me happy. In my 20’s and 30’s, I could last hours on the dance floor, not so much today, but I still love to go out and dance because of how the music and movement makes me feel afterwards.

#4. Learn New Stuff. 

Learning about new stuff that we have limited knowledge increases our curiosity. When we were children and didn’t know much, learning fueled our curiosity and sense of adventure. As adults, we tend to put learning on the back burner after completing high school and college. Individuals who are the most successful in life and happiest often refer to their quest for learning new stuff as a reason why they feel satisfied with the life that they are living. Read a book, magazine, website on a topic that interest you. Connect with people in a group that will help you develop skills necessary for you to take your professional game to the next level.

#5. Practice Gratitude.

Gratitude is the music in the heart of the person who recognizes all that is going well in his or her life. We can be grateful for what we have while making strides to create positive change in various aspects of our lives. What is going well in our lives should not be held in a lesser light by areas of our lives we need to improve. Instead we should spotlight what is going well in our lives on a daily basis.

Research in positive psychology have proven that the simple practice of acknowledging what went well in our day and why can have a profound effect on our well-being. Commit to writing a thank you note each day during the next seven days to those within your circle of influence acknowledging your appreciation of specific attributes and actions they’ve demonstrated towards you.

When you begin to rekindle your sense of curiosity and adventure towards life by engaging new experiences or taking a different approach towards the familiar, you will find that these simple changes can help you kick a “funky mood” to the curve and get back in the game with a more positive disposition.

For more strategies on getting out of a rut, read my new book, Get Unstuck Now which is available on and Barnes &

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