Something to Think About: What Will Be Your Life's Legacy?

The legacy of your life is created by the relationships you cultivate during your lifetime and the contributions you make in life.

If someone were to interview you today and ask you the following three questions, how would you answer them?

  • What are you building that is making you feel proud of the life that you are living?

  • What are you creating with your life?

  • How are you contributing your ideas, knowledge and skills in meaningful ways that are making those around you and the world better?

Why is it important for you to think about the legacy you are creating of your life? Here are a few reasons.

  • Beginning with the end in mind enables us to manage our lives congruently with our core values, beliefs and priorities.

  • When we are clear about the legacy we want to leave of our lives, we make choices based on what is important to us doing just that instead of allowing the opinions and expectations of others shape the life we live.

  • What we do affects others. It keeps our eye on the BIG picture.

  • When we live our lives with the intention of leaving a positive legacy for the generations that will follow us, we become less self-centered and selfish and increases our desire to be of service to others in meaningful ways.

  • Focusing on leaving a positive legacy increases the likelihood that we will live a more purpose-driven life.

There is dormant potential dwelling in you which you have yet to tap into. Leaving a positive legacy of your life depends on your ability to believe in yourself, and having the courage to tap into a greater measure of the seeds of greatness dwelling in your potential.

It is never too late for you to become the person you are divinely designed to become but it takes work and commitment. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Your legacy awaits.

Champion for Your Success

Author Bio: Jackie Capers Brown is the CEO of Positive Change Coaching Solutions. She is an author, motivational speaker and Mentor to Game Changers. Feeling stuck? Move forward empowered by the My DRIVE Advantage™ Strategy. Start to manifest new possibilities in your life. Wake up feeling good about yourself and life. Read Jackie’s latest book, Get Unstuck Now: Changing Your Story, Unleashes Your Power to Move On and Be Happy.  Follow Jackie on Twitter.

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