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Living My Dream Profile: Terra Davis-Adams

Tera Davis – Adams is a native of Columbia, South Carolina. Tera is a graduate of W.J. Keenan High School, and a 1999 graduate of Morris College. Tera is an active member of Upsilon Omega Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Tera is a lupus survivor and the founder of Hands Up Against Lupus Non- Profit Organization.

Tera founded this organization, to help bring awareness to this dreadful autoimmune disease and to educate the community about it. Tera has received awards for her hard work and her dedication to the community as well as the church. Tera is a survivor, her story will captivate you and will literally leave you in awe of God’s hands on her life. Tera stands on Jeremiah 29:11, I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Tera gives all praises to God, for He has done great and marvelous things in her life.
Q1. What was happening in your life when you decided to pursue your dream?
Terra: When I finally decide to do what God had called me to do, I was in the hospital recovering from a horrible lupus flare. I knew I heard the voice of God years before I stepped out and finally formed Hands Up Against Lupus.
Q2. Why was this experience instrumental in your decision to pursue this dream?
Terra: The experience was instrumental for my life because I have always been the person to work in the background. When it was my time to be in forefront, I had a hard time adjusting because people were coming to me for approval on pictures, colors etc. This experience has definitely had a positive influence on my character.

Q3: How have the pursuit and achievement of your dream effected your perception of yourself and what's possible in life?
Terra: I know that without a shadow of doubt, I am more assertive, my faith has grown incredibly, my willingness to be more active in the community has now become a must. I know I have to give back, there are so many people counting on me, and many who needs to hear my voice. I am looking forward to going to the next level in my life. I definitely know God has so much more for me to do.
Q4: In moments when you face setbacks and challenges, what are a few actions that you take to maintain the resolve to keep moving forward towards your goals?
Terra: Setbacks are setups for comebacks. We have all had them, but there is no room for failure. When you get knocked down, get back up and try again. There have been plenty of times I could have given up, but the winner in me would not let me. Perseverance is a key to success, something we all must all possess if we want to succeed. This applies to all areas of our life.
Q5: As a result of your work, what positive change have you manifested in your life, your family, business and/or community?
Terra: Hands Up Against Lupus has truly changed my life. It has made a positive impact in my life because I find myself talking to people I don't even know about lupus. I have landed speaking engagements, I have been asked to setup tables at functions, be a health vendor at events. I am looking forward to becoming a national spokesperson for lupus awareness.
Q6:  If you had the superpower to completely transform one aspect of your community, what would it be, and why?
Terra: If I had the superpowers to change something in my community, I will make sure that each and every person who has lupus that does not have health insurance, get the proper medical attention that they need. This is one of the reasons that I started Hands Up Against Lupus. I have military health care, so I am ok. But, they are many who are in need of medications that they cannot afford. They are my priority.
Q7: If you were just starting to pursue your dream(s) today, what personal leadership habits would you say is essential to producing the biggest return on the investment (ROI) of your time, energy and resources?
Terra: If I had just started Hands Up Against Lupus, one of the leadership traits I definitely would need is being approachable. I feel every leader needs to have this quality. It makes others feel that they can talk to you. It makes them feel comfortable in your presence, and they are more likely to let others in their community know about you and the good things that you are doing in the community.
Q8: What is something that very few people know about you?
Terra: One thing that people do not know about Tera Davis- Adams, is I am very shy. It takes a minute for me to warm up. I know that most people wouldn't consider me to be a shy person, but I am.
Q9: Any upcoming events you would like to share with our readers?
Terra: On October 18, Hands Up Against Lupus, will be having its first Purple Dress, Purple Tie Lupus Luncheon. The theme of the luncheon is " I Was Built For This". Tickets are $20, and can be purchased on Eventbrite. Come out and here our dynamic speaker, Malcolm Smith, and our fabulous mistress of ceremony Aletra Chaney. The luncheon starts at 1, and will end around 3. Come help me raise awareness for Lupus, and help patients purchase their medications!
Terra's story reflects the importance of one's faith in building the internal fortitude to rise above circumstances to achieve what you believe is your God-given destiny. She is courageous enough to let us know that everyday is not a picnic, yet, she summons up the courage and strength to carry on in the face of her personal experiences of being a survivor of lupus.
Your ability to remain committed to your dreams in the face of obstacles, challenges and setbacks is the ultimate test of how much you truly want to live your dream instead of sitting on the sidelines and daydreaming of the life experiences you truly desire.
I applaud Terra and you for doing what it takes to live your dreams!

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Champion for Your Success
Jackie Capers-Brown
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