Monday Motivation: The Upside of Taking Responsibility for Your Life and Career

The price of greatness is responsibility.

~Winston Churchill~

The word responsible comes from two words: response and able. Therefore, being responsible for your life and career means that while you can't control every situation in your life and career, you are always able to control how you respond to them. This fact doesn't change because of the nature of the circumstance and how difficult it may be. This is a significant distinction. One that warrants you to take stock of the upside of taking responsibility for your life and career.

Taking Responsibility for Your Life Puts You in The Driver Seat

Like most of us, your life has not been perfect. You have experienced disappointments, setbacks and adversity. Instead of getting on the band wagon with those who wallow in pity and major in the blame game, accepting full responsibility for your life puts you in the driver seat of how your life unfolds. Your complaining about the state of any aspect of your life will serve no positive purpose. More often complaining diminishes the amount of positive emotional energy that you exhibit towards taking meaningful actions that can change your situation.

No amount of life hacks can erase the process it takes for you to get from where you are to where you want to be. Sure, there are tips, principles and strategic plans that can help you reduce the amount of time it took someone else to accomplish similar dreams and goals, but they can't erase the fact that success is a process of quality decisions and purpose driven actions implemented consistently over a period of time. This is a fact of life. Any denial of this truth on your part will not alter this truth.

Whatever you want, improve your relationships, position yourself for your next promotion, start a business, expand your business, make new friends, go back to college to gain new skills to living a healthier lifestyle, requires that you accept responsibility for your present state and engage the most effective process of actions that will help you manifest your desired reality.

Taking Responsibility for Your Life Takes Guts

Taking personal responsibility for your life and being accountable for the effectiveness of your actions towards the achievement of your dreams and goals is summed up in this phrase, “If it's to be, it's up to me.” This mindset challenges the prevailing cultural norm which encourages people to wallow in self-pity and blame everyone and there mother for the conditions of their lives. It requires courage to believe that in spite of your imperfect life experiences, you have the power to define your destiny.

It takes guts to challenge the status quo. Defining your destiny begins with accepting the state of your life and career. It includes, acknowledging the gap between where you are and where you want to be and focusing on what you have to do to play the hand you've been dealt to win. You will need to develop personal practices which help you maintain an audacity to hope while nurturing empowering beliefs in your heart that your efforts will not be futile. You'll need to develop relationships with people who can provide you with wise advice and constructive feedback that supports your success. Nurturing a resilient mindset is essential to maintaining the ability to bounce back from setbacks. Your ability to tune-out the noise of the world so that you can tune-in to the still small voice within that offers you intuitive insight and guidance for navigating your path forward will be priceless.

The Upside of Taking Responsibility for Your Life
Becoming fully persuaded in your mind that your destiny is up to you enables you to experience the upside of responsibility which includes the following:

  • You don't depend on others to behave a certain way for you to manifest what you want in your life.
  • You recognize that the “ball is in your court” and the decisions that you make determine what your next shot will be.
  • You don't wait on circumstances to be ideal before you begin to initiate the actions it will take to create what you want to experience.
  • You have the courage to step out of your history to create the future you desire and deserve.
  • You cultivate an empowering story of who you are, who you can become, what you are smart and strong enough to handle and what you are worthy of experiencing in life.

In Conclusion

Taking responsibility for your life requires that you own up to the choices that you've made which reflect the current state of your life and career. The choice to take full responsibility for your life and career is not always an easy decision. It requires you to challenge the status quo of a prevailing cultural norm that tends to use people and circumstances as a scapegoat for not exercising one's authority and power to play the hand that you've been dealt in life with the purpose of winning.

Taking responsibility for your life and career requires guts. The moxie to stop playing small and tap into a greater measure of the seeds of greatness dwelling within your potential will come as a result of your decision to get into the driver seat of your life. A proactive approach towards defining your destiny fuels the personal leadership traits of courage, confidence and perseverance. Over time, the quality of your decisions and the effectiveness of your actions will determine your capacity to manifest new possibilities in your life and career.

I'd like to know your thoughts. How do you think wallowing in pity and majoring in the blame game effects an individual's ability to be the captain of his or her destiny? Share your comments below.

Source: Find Your Courage by Margie Warrell.

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