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Reclaim Your Personal Power!

Every test in our life makes us bitter or better. Every problem has within it the power to break us or make us. The choice is ours whether we become VICTIM or VICTOR.


How many times have you believed something about a situation, only to find out that your perception was inaccurate? The story you're telling yourself about why you are stuck reflects the perception you have of yourself and your experience. Your perception governs how you respond to every experience. Is it possible that if you adopted a more empowering perspective of who you are, who you can become, what you can do, what you are strong enough to handle and what you are worthy of experiencing that your outlook on the experience would change? Yes - it is possible. This possibility has within it the power to blow many of the limiting beliefs and misconceptions you have about yourself and your experience to smithereens. 

     Many breakthroughs come from simply believing a new idea has validity. Admitting the existence of a new possibility sets in motion the probability that you could perceive and approach your situation from a more empowering perspective. In the Art of Possibility, Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander writes, “...many of the circumstances that seem to block us in our daily lives may only appear to do so based on a framework of assumptions we carry with us. Every story you tell yourself is based on a network of assumptions.” The Zander's point out, “Draw a different frame around the same set of circumstances and new pathways come into view.” When you begin to examine and challenge limiting assumptions about yourself and your experience – you open yourself up to experience new possibilities.

Regardless of what has happened or is happening in your life, you have the power to say this is NOT how the story of my life is going to end. You have the power to choose if you will allow your past continue to define your present and future. You have the power to choose if you will allow a temporary condition become a permanent state of powerlessness. You have the power to choose if you will settle for what is or rise up and decide that you will pursue what can be. You have the power to choose if you will continue to deny your truth or face it head on with an unwavering faith that you will prevail in the face of your truth. You have the power to get unstuck, move on and be happy.

Your can begin to tap into your power to get unstuck, move on and be happy by challenging the limiting beliefs and assumptions you have about who you are, who you can become, what you can do, what you are strong enough to handle and what you are worthy of experiencing. In the moment that you decide to transform the story, (the word in your heart which is reflected in your beliefs) about yourself and begin to think and see yourself from a more empowering perspective, you will begin to unleash the strong dwelling in you. If you do this, you will change the way that you live your life. You will create lasting change in your life.

You can reduce your life to a story that makes you feel powerless and pitiful or you can begin to nurture an empowering perspective in your heart about yourself that enlarges your vision of who you can become and begin to immediately take action to manifest new possibilities. Your destiny is determined by your decisions. It is not dependent upon your circumstances. If that were the case, all the people that you know about, have read about or heard about that has been able to rise above daunting circumstances would not have been able to do so. They are no stronger or better than you. They decided the circumstances they were faced with were not going to be the way their life story ended. They recognized that destiny is not about chance, it's determined in the moments of our decisions.

James Baldwin stated, “Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.” They say time changes things but you actually have to put forth effort towards the change you want to see in your life. The positive change in your life is not going to happen because you're hoping and wishing that something changes. You have to step up and take responsibility for the change you want to experience. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Perhaps you are shackled to emotional pain from past hurts, disappointments, and setbacks. Feeling emotionally exhausted. Afraid to challenge the status quo because of fear, uncertainty and self-doubt. Repeating the same mistakes Having difficulty sticking to your plans to achieve your goals. Perplexed about what steps you should take to navigate a new normal after experiencing adversity. The private conversations you are having with yourself about yourself and life experiences govern your perception and behavioral response. Change the story you are telling yourself about yourself and life experiences and new possibilities will come into view.

In my latest book, GetUnstuck Now, I share my struggles and successes of transforming various aspects of my story and insights from other experts on the subject. This step-by-step guide expands your awareness of how the story that you are telling yourself in the area in which you are stuck is sabotaging your ability to develop and demonstrate the spiritual, mental and emotional fortitude necessary to press through internal and external roadblocks to manifest your breakthrough.

The practical application of the book's proven strategies empowers you to:

  • Identify and challenge limiting beliefs and assumptions about yourself and life experiences
  • Cultivate hope in your heart and faith in your ability to move on and be happy
  • Raise your deserve level and stop self-sabotaging
  • Let go of resentments and release unresolved feelings
  • Turn fear into purpose-driven action
  • Redefine and manifest new possibilities by utilizing the My DRIVE Advantage™ methodology

Alice Walker stated, “Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming.” 

In my personal and professional life, I've found that there is one consistent factor that keeps people from getting unstuck, personally and professionally - the limiting beliefs that make up the story they tell themselves about who they can become, what they can do, what they are strong enough to handle and what they are worthy of experiencing in life. 

I know first-hand what it feels like to lose my sense of power, wallow in self-pity and major in the blame game as a result of negative beliefs and assumptions. And, I know what it feels like to reconnect to the innate strong within my spirit, transform negative beliefs and the story I'm telling myself to realize dreams and goals beyond my imagination. Changing your story transforms the word in your heart. It enables you to adopt fresh perspectives on the reasons why your feel stuck. Seeing yourself and situation with new eyes increases your capacity to redefine new possibilities.

It's imperative that you focus on what you can control: your response to your experience. When you change your response to a situation, you change how you experience the situation. Although you may feel some type of way about your present circumstance, you have the freedom to redefine new possibilities by changing the story you are telling yourself about yourself and the experience. Today is just as good as any day to end your allegiance to limiting beliefs that's keeping you stuck. Use the power of your imagination and begin to envision new possibilities. Make a decision that you're going to stop circling around Mt. Misery. It's time to pull up your stakes and break camp from a state of feeling stuck to a state of moving your life forward. You have the power to do so. Believe you can and you will.

What are the challenges that you face with transforming the beliefs that you tell yourself about who you can become, what you can do, what you are strong enough to handle and what you are worthy of experiencing? Share your comments below.

Thank you for contributing to the growth of the Brave Life Project Community (formerly theGrow Forward & Flourish community).  I appreciate you. 

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Live, Love and Lead Bravely!

Jackie Capers-Brown

CEO, Braveheart Training Group

Note: This article is an excerpt from my book, Get Unstuck Now

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