Soar with Your Strengths

Nelson Mandela stated, “There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Living a life that reflects your capability requires an awareness of the activities and relationships that allow you to engage your strength zone. When you are operating in your strength zone you positively anticipate completing tasks and activities and interacting with individuals that strengthen your sense of courage, confidence and personal power. You get so involved with these tasks and your interactions with these people that you often lose track of time. You look forward to the next time because of the feelings generated from these experiences.

There is a direct correlation between the level of satisfaction you experience in your personal and professional life and the amount of time you spend in activities and relationships that engage your innate strengths. Identifying and operating in your strength zone is key to creating a life that is satisfying to your soul and rewards you with meaningful success.

When you're operating in your strength zone, you will display a high level of emotional energy or passion, as must folks call it. Emotional energy fuels your inner drive to pursue stretch goals that tap into your seeds of greatness. It enables you to take on challenges and maintain the fortitude necessary to rise above them to accomplish the objectives you've set out to achieve. Emotional energy is key to manifesting your dreams and goals. Operating in your strength zone increases your emotional energy.

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Begin to pay attention to the tasks, activities and relationships that create an aliveness of mind, happiness in your heart and a sense of hope for new and expansive possibilities. Make a conscious effort to engage your strength zone. You'll nurture the positive energy and focus necessary to actualize meaningful success that satisfies your soul.
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