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Be Ready. Prepare Today for Tomorrow !

The greatest value in life is not what you get – the greatest value is who you become.

~Jim Rohn~


When you live your life based on the principle of beginning with the end in mind, you understand the importance of enlightened self-interest. Enlightened self-interest helps you maintain a focus on getting prepared for the experiences that you most desire. Enlightened self-interest helps you to see beyond your circumstances to nurture a compelling vision of your desired reality. It evokes within you a desire to be proactive towards your personal and professional development. You are constantly taking actions that develop your talents and capabilities. You are setting goals for yourself that stretch your present ability and expand your comfort zone. You are investing in yourself because you recognize that you are your most valued asset. Enlightened self-interest helps you to recognize that you can only produce in life that which you are. You can only change what's going on around you as you transform what's going on within you.

Like many, you probably spend time thinking and hoping that your lucky break will appear today. If the thing that you most desire in your life, career or business was to show up right now, would you be ready to handle all the responsibilities that would come with it? Have you considered how your life would change as a result of your lucky break happening right now? Do you have the support in place at home, in the workplace and the relationships necessary to take advantage of your opportunity? What good is an opportunity if you are not prepared for it? It won't do you any good.

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Self-preparation is fundamental to achievements. New parents read books, seek out advice from parents, friends and physicians as they prepare for and become a parent. In a similar fashion, you must prepare yourself for the opportunities that you desire. What books have you read recently that provides you with new insights in the area that you desire to be great in? Who are you reaching out to for advice and building relationships with that can and will support you as you pursue the achievement of your goals? What daily disciplines have you put in place to hold yourself accountable for producing results relevant to your aspirations? Self-preparation inspires you to take action today that will make you who you want to become. You have to become the person that can manifest and manage your desired reality.

The benefits of self-preparation are as follow:

  • You take responsibility for creating what you want in life.
  • It moves you toward you goals.
  • You continue to grow yourself daily.
  • It helps you sustain momentum and keeps your ambition alive.
  • It helps you to identify what it takes to be prepared for the opportunities you desire.
  • You begin to think strategically as you consider the actions you need to take to accomplish what you desire versus living your life in a reactive mode.
  • You recognize the value of the resources that you currently have.
  • You increase your chance for success

Hoping and wishing that your lucky break will happen won't cut it. Luck is when preparation and opportunity intersect. Things change when you change. They don't change simply because you want them to change. You have to get better, think better and do better. Like a farmer, it's up to you to first sow seeds of actions that will produce the crop of experiences you desire to harvest. The universal principle of sowing and reaping applies in every aspect of your life.

As you consider the experiences you would like to have this year, a commitment to self-preparation based on your desired aims will support the probability of your success.

I would like to hear your thoughts on self-preparation. How has it helped you to position yourself for greater success? Share your comments below.

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Dare to Be Great!


Jackie Capers-Brown
Founder, Grow Forward & Flourish
Author, Lead to Succeed

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