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Celebrating My Blog, Grow Forward and Flourish 5th Anniversary!

Five years ago, February 13, 2009 I wrote my first blog for this site. At the time, my blog's name was It's Your Move!

I had no idea how blogging would be a vehicle for personal and leadership development as the vision for what is possible with the site began to evolve in my heart and imagination.

Through this platform, I've had the privilege of interacting with people around the globe as I moved beyond my comfort zone to reach out to other bloggers and share my articles on various sites.

Two years ago, I changed the name of the blog to Grow Forward & Flourish. This name represents the purpose of this blog and it helps me to stay on track with that specific intention.

In the 2nd quarter of this year, the blog will undergo a makeover as I up my game in providing resources that members of our community can access 24/7 to grow their talents and flourish in life and business.

I'm looking forward to the development of the podcast program that will add more value to the community. I will interview folks from all walks of life about their path to growing the seeds of greatness within them so they flourish in life and business.

I'm excited about my two books, Lead to Succeed and Get Unstuck Now and the Elevate Leadership and Entrepreneur Mentoring Program which will be offered in Columbia, SC for youth and single parents residing in public housing.

Our summer camp will be held  August 4-8th, 2014 and participants will be eligible to participate in the group mentoring program with a focus on developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

I'm thankful for the caliber of individuals who are stepping up to volunteer and those who have agreed to present at the camp FREE of charge. Together, I believe we are going to elevate the lives of individuals and families.

The continuous development of my creative writing skills and public speaking skills will begin with my enrollment in an Improv workshop series being held in the Spring. I'm excited about how Improv will help me tap into my creativity. It should certainly provide me with insights to be shared with the Grow Forward & Flourish community.

As a way of celebrating the anniversary of my blog, I'm sharing a video by Robin Sharma on how to make this year your best year yet. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are well aware that I am a huge fan of the value that Sharma provides on his website and through his training programs. It was shortly after last year's anniversary that I came across Sharma's website and leadership training. I have been blessed beyond measure being connected to him.

Check out this video...

How will you make this your best year yet? Share your comments below.

Thank you for being a part of this growing community. I welcome feedback as to how I can increase it's value to you.

Thanks for sharing this article with your network.

Dare to Be Great!

Jackie Capers-Brown
Founder, Grow Forward & Flourish

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