Lead to Succeed: FREE Leadership Development Series

Great leaders are formed over a long period of time through a series of opportunities and experiences. Without opportunities, even the greatest natural leader among us may never become known for great leadership.  
Scott H. Dearduff, A Cup of My Coffee: Leadership Lessons from the Battlefield to the Boardroom    
Your dreams and goals represent a gap between the reality of where you are and the reality you want. Manifesting your desired reality takes getting clear about what you want to achieve as a leader, making decisions to support what you want to achieve and creating and executing a plan of action to build and sustain the momentum necessary for the achievement of your leadership aspirations. Highly successful organizations have strong leadership at all levels.
This leadership development series is not just for individuals with a title or own a business. It is for any individual, regardless of their present state in life, who desires to learn more about developing and cultivating effective leadership practices and skills.
So whether you are working in a minimum wage job, newly promoted, in middle management or a small business owner, this leadership development series will serve to inspire the desire in some to pursue leadership opportunities while serve to sharpen the skills of those with experience.
 If you're living in Columbia, SC and surrounding areas and you're seeking leadership training from a leadership success expert and not someone who knows theory but has no real world experience, join me in February for my 1st annual Lead to Succeed: Bring Your Lunch and Learn Series. Here's information about the FREE four-week leadership development series.
Mondays in February12:00 -1:00pm

Eau Claire Development Town Hall Conference Room

3905 Ensor Ave. Columbia, SC 29203

Limited Seating Available

Developing the Leader In You │February 3

Learn how to identify, build and sustain effective leadership habits critical to producing business results essential to the success of your organization and career.

Lead with Confidence February 10

Learn how to tap into your courage to lead with confidence through self-efficacy.

Connect with Anyone February 17

Learn how to cultivate effective emotional and social intelligence skills so you can connect with anyone and reduce your apprehension of networking.

 Lead through Challenging Times February 24

Learn critical actions successful leaders take to achieve their organization's objectives in the midst of challenging times.

The Lead to Succeed: FREE Bring Your Lunch and Learn Series will be an annual event that I conduct in Columbia, SC as a way of "paying forward" the support I received as I began to navigate my leadership career several decades ago.

It is my hope that this leadership series will encourage those in attendance to believe in their ability to unleash a greater measure of the seeds of greatness within them to be great leaders. And with that belief, apply what they learn so that they truly experience the power from the knowledge they gain.

Each attendee will receive a pre-workshop assignment for the class they have registered to attend. You'll need to print a copy of the worksheet, complete it and bring it to the class you have registered to attend. I will email these assignments one week before each class. You can register to attend by clicking

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Go for Greatness!

Jackie Capers-Brown
Founder, Grow Forward & Flourish
Author, Success Becomes You and Lead to Succeed


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