Go for Greatness: Be Who You Are!

An acorn dreamed of being a beautiful pine tree when he grew up. The acorn was given a book on positive thinking and he diligently read it, following all the advice on using positive thinking to achieve your dream. But as the acorn grew he felt himself changing  into something very different from a pine tree.

The acorn accumulated every book on visualization and change that he could find. He followed the exercises faithfully. The acorn spent hours visualizing himself as a pine tree. But despite all of his efforts, the acorn grew into a massive elegant oak tree.

The metaphor is simple. You are who you are. You have certain God-given traits that are unique to you. There  is no one else walking the face of the Earth with your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical traits.

To reach your fullest potential you must not waste precious time trying to be what you are  not. If you're a oak, you don't want to waste a lifetime trying to be a pine tree. You want to become the greatest and most magnificent oak tree you can be.

Until next time, be great by choice!

Jackie Capers-Brown
Founder, Grow Forward & Flourish

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