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Living My Legacy Now!: Stacie Walker, Founder of Woman in Leadership

Known as a success-driven entrepreneur, Stacie Walker is an Online Business Strategist, Author, Online Radio Host, and the Founder of the Woman in Leadership community. 
It has been Stacie's mission and purpose to educate readers of her blog and listeners of her radio program with establishing a better business model to assist them with improving the quality of their life. Stacie loves working with professional leaders and dedicated entrepreneurs in the small business, home business, and online business industries.
Stacie believes certain elements are essential to improve your skill set as a budding entrepreneur and leader in your industry.
Stacie, her husband, Jerry and their son, Drew live in San Antonio, Texas. She is originally from Detroit, Michigan. Her father, Andrew was in the military so she is accustom to developing relationships with new people in new environments.
Q1: What was "the" experience that led you to doing the work that you're doing now?
Stacie: I was working as a Data Management Retail Assistant for the state handling retirement accounts. I got sick and had to stop working. My first husband had to take on a second job to make ends meet. I needed to figure out how I could earn some income, "I didn't want to end out on the street."
So, I found a job on Craig's List as a Health Benefit Specialist, which was actually a network marketing position. I realized that the training they provided was ancient, so I figured out other ways to market the products and services. I was working 12 to 14 hours per day.
I worked that business, learning all that I could. I  decided to  expand Woman in Leadership, 5 months ago.
Q2: Why did it become important for you to expand  the reach of Woman in Leadership?
Stacie: I felt that I could teach people the same skills that I learned from Network Marketing. I've always been interested in personal development and leadership. The more I thought about my ability to train others, I felt it was important to create a space for women who are either thinking about business, or are already in business. I interview experts on various subjects, such as money management marketing online business, improving quality of life, creating a better business & better life. These individuals share their expertise which contributes value to members of the Woman in Leadership community.
Q3: In what ways have your legacy work transformed your mindset towards yourself and life?
Stacie: My work with Woman in Leadership has increased my self-confidence and belief in myself. I was limiting myself in the past, now I know that I can create my life by design. I'm happier and I feel a sense of relief. Elevating my life is attracting wonderful people and events in my life.
Q4: Do you have moments when you feel like giving up?
Stacie: When ever I have one of "those" days, I watch a funny movie, spend time relaxing ad talking to people who I know will encourage and inspire me. I have to manage my mood on those days because it's not good for my family.
Q5: How has your work impacted your spiritual beliefs?
Stacie: I feel closer to God. I have a better relationship with him. I feel blessed for going through what I did because I feel that I am living my purpose. Before, I felt lost, like a hamster in a cage on the wheel, running and running but not getting anywhere. I felt like I was a disappointment to my parents when I was younger but I don't feel that way any longer. It's easy for me to sit down and just pray.
Q6: What actions have you taken that has expanded your comfort zone?
Stacie: I never saw myself as a leader when I was a teenager or in my early 20's. I do remember when I was in preschool that the kids would listen to me more than the teachers. (She laughs). When I stepped up into this role, I knew I had to hold myself accountable for results. People are depending on me. As I go forward, I will be utilizing video as a took to expand my brand.
Q7: What do you envision to be the change you want to create in the world, as a result of your legacy work?
Stacie: I envision my efforts helping improve the quality of women's personal and professional life. I will have the opportunity to witness their transformation and see people change their life.
Q8: What actions would you suggest to someone who have a desire to realize their dream but has no clue as  to what to do next?
Stacie: I've got a few suggestions:
You have to believe in yourself. Too often, we talk ourselves out of doing what we want and believe to be possible in our lives.
Surround yourself with a group of people of like-minded family and friends. If you don't have anyone in those groups, reach out to someone in an online community. This helps you to reduce the learning curve.
Start slow. Set realistic goals. Work with what you got. Don't overwhelm yourself with unrealistic goals.
Any last words?
Stacie: Never stop learning. Educate yourself. Read a book, a chapter a week, if you're real busy. Find out what the most successful people are reading and read those books. You can live your life by design.
Stacie Walker Contact Information:
JB's Note: During my interview, I felt like I had known Stacie for years. I can understand why the audience of her Woman in Leadership BlogTalk radio program is growing, she is very personable. We have similar passions, I'm really looking forward to how our relationships evolves and what the future holds for possible business collaborations.

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