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Living My Legacy Now!: Linda (Bowe) Hughes, Founding Member of Solavei

Linda Hughes is a founding member of Solavei, a nationwide mobile service company. Linda is a native of Virginia. According to Linda, the mission of Solavei is two-fold: provide nationwide mobile service and put money back into the community.
Linda is a native of Virginia. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA near her son, Seven Hughes and his family.

Q1: What was “the” experience that led you to becoming a founding member of Solavei?

Linda: After my mom passed in 2010 and my retirement from being a cosmetologist for 20+ years in 2011, I was looking for a way to give myself a fresh start. I moved to Atlanta, GA. My son Seven and his family lived in Atlanta, GA. Prior to Solavei’s launch, my son, Seven Hughes asked me to check out the information he had about the company. After I reviewed the information, I liked the idea of being involved with a company that was not only providing a quality service, it’s business model included helping put money back in the pockets of those who use its services. I was sold.

Q2: Why was this a defining moment?

Linda: So many mobile service companies take from the community, very few provide opportunities to put money back in the community.

Q3: In what ways has becoming a founding member of Solavei changed your mindset and attitude towards life?

Linda: I’ve been able to reinvent myself. Between working in my hair salon business and a few multi-level marketing organizations, Solavei provides me with opportunities to grow beyond what I could imagine. I am open to trying different things, which in and of itself stretches me and expand my thinking. I believe in myself. I look forward to growing with the company.

Q4: How has this work impacted your spiritual beliefs?

Linda: I’ve always wanted to be a greater blessing to others. I have the opportunity as a leader in the company to share the entrepreneurial opportunities Solavei makes possible to its customers. I have a 78 year old, Ms. Margaret on my team. She’s just as committed to our team’s and company’s success as many of the young folks.

Q5: How has your role as a founding member expanded your comfort zone?

Linda: In order for me to perform at my best, I have to keep working on me. I have to educate myself so I can share information with my team that’s going to help them succeed. I have to stay focus on my purpose and do what is necessary to help my team achieve success. It’s not always easy, but it continues to be worth the effort and dedication. As a result of my experiences with Solavei, from the great people throughout the company to the opportunities given to people to earn passive income, I believe - I didn’t just relocate to Atlanta, GA, - I was called to Atlanta, GA.

Q6: What do you envision to be the change you want to create in the world as a result of your legacy work?

Linda: I want to be an example for others to show them the success that they can experience with the company. I want to be a catalyst for others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and demonstrate to our youth the importance of being focused and positive.

Q7: What is a common misconception you find people make regarding Solavei?

Linda: People assume that all mobile service companies are alike. Our business model creates a paradigm shift. The company offers so much more than mobile services. We have no contracts. We help individuals save money by providing them with opportunities to create passive income with our mobile service.

We’ve experienced over a 400% growth in one year. I recently went to Seattle, WA for an awards ceremony. There are several celebrities connected to the company, Emmitt Smith, Cee lo Green, Stephen Baldwin, to name a few. Right now, we are doing everything we can to get the word out because Solavei is such a young company.

Last words? :

Linda: Solavei is helping so many families by re-channeling money back into communities. People of all races and backgrounds are taking advantage of the unlimited talk, text & data plans on our 4G network for only $49. There’s no credit check. No contracts. When our customers share Solavei with family and friends and they join, Solavei rewards our customers who refer new customers. Opportunities for creating passive income are available for individuals 14 years of age and up.

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JB's Note: One of the greatest reasons I love conducting these interviews is because of being able to engage in conversations with people, like Linda Hughes, who feels a sense of purpose in the work that they are doing. This inner-sense of purpose resonates in the passion and excitement I hear in their voices as they activate the power that dwells within each of us to contribute value in the lives of others.

From the day we connected on Facebook, Linda has been passionate about starting over in her life and taking on new challenges as she reinvented herself. I am very proud of how far she has come in such a short period of time. I pray for her continuous success in all of her endeavors.

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