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Created for Greatness in A Church that Won't Allow it by Sandy Krakowski

This message from Sandy Krakowski was in my email this morning. I had to share it with the Grow Forward & Flourish Community because it speaks to what I felt and experienced in my early 20's when my leadership ambitions began to take root in my heart. As I began to progress in my career, there were several folks in the church who felt that my determination to be a leader with Marriott was of the world, despite the fact that since I was a child, I had been demonstrating leadership traits. If I did not have a firm foundation in myself because of the many adversities I had overcome before any of these "people of faith" knew me, I could have easily been influenced by their judgment.
Fortunately, I went on to change my story and help others who worked with me change the story of their lives as they sought after and achieved leadership positions in the companies that I worked with. It takes faith, foresight and fortitude to be able to stand alone when the very people you think should be supporting you don't. You have to continue to believe in yourself and trust that as you take steps of faith, the people who will celebrate your greatness and help you expand its influence awaits you as you demonstrate a passionate determination towards achieving the calling of your soul.
Sandy's email:
Have you ever noticed that we train people for GREATNESS as the people of God, but when someone starts embracing their greatness, they oftentimes get accused of being filled with vain ambition, worldliness or even sin?  
We preach and pray that people will INVADE the marketplace and bring the love of God to the highest places on the mountain of influence... but when God positions people in these places of high influence the religious then start saying the person is no longer safe to be around, are focused more on the world than the church or all other manner of lies from hell?  
I recently heard someone preach that Joseph was disobedient when he was buried in Egypt and that this was not the plan of God for him. This was such wrong teaching rooted in religion and tradition. GOD POSITIONED Joseph into Egypt. God HIMSELF made Joseph look like an Egyptian. HE gave Joseph a heart for Egypt. He gave him FAVOR and AUTHORITY and INFLUENCE in EGYPT!
If God raises up someone in Hollywood or Las Vegas or in Washington we must be very very careful what our small soulish mindsets have to say about that.
We teach about marketplace movements and we teach about invading the mountains but when God gives authority, influence and supernatural power (WHICH by the way is the outflow of a mandate from heaven) many will judge such a person by their own small scary world view. They can't comprehend God using a Daniel with a King Cyrus, who not only doesn't seek God, but who GOD has full intention in using.
Cyrus was SUMMONED by God and God said He was going to use King Cyrus for His own glory and His own purpose. Be cautious having an opinion about how that looks in the eyes of men.
When we train our children for GREATNESS please prepare them, empower them and EQUIP THEM to be great, powerful and holy.
Equip them to resist the religious spirit and to learn that the positioning is lonely but it will be RIGHT.  
2014.... a NEW generation is rising. Dancers, worshippers, warriors in the marketplace who SHIFT ECONOMIES and will be entrusted with great portions of wealth for the King's glory. Be careful having an opinion about how the hand of God moves.
Prepare your children for Greatness and get out of their way when God brings it!  
Sandi Krakowski
I believe this message not only applies to our youth, it applies to any one who is making the effort to realize all of their God-given potential. The limitations that we have about life and other people are those set in our own minds. We can't expect a harvest of support from others when we project our limitations on other people's ambitions.
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Until next time...
Step Into Greatness!
Jackie B
Source: Sandy Krakowski founder of AReal Change.

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