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Living My Legacy Now!: Tamara Dean, Founder of PrayHers

Tamara L. Dean, aka Tammy to friends is redefining the term 'networking' by using the principles of sowing and reaping. Tamara believes that if you Pray Hers you will receive yours. That as a body we are joined together and connected benefited by each others success.
She believes that once women get a revelation that they are individually unique in what they have to offer; and that no other person can take that away, women won't feel threatened, insignificant, or left-out by what is going on in the lives of others. Instead, she would utilize a servant-leader mentality to help other women as we, together, 'Endeavor to Never Leave a Sister Behind. 
Tamara is a native of Detroit, Michigan. She and her husband, Fred and their daughter Destiny now lives in Dallas Texas.

Q1: What was “the” experience that led you to starting PrayHers?

Tamara: I had been in real estate for 12 to 13years. Afterwards, I was trying to figure out my purpose. I believe that every year we should show some progress to demonstrate we are moving forward. On a New Year’s Eve, while living in Detroit, I decided to have a group of women meet at my home for the purpose of praying on behalf of one another’s success in the coming year. My desire was that each woman would want the success of her sister as much as she wanted her success.

Q2: Why was this a defining moment?

Tamara: Once I surrendered to the call in my soul and took myself out of the equation and begin to petition to God on behalf of others, I realized how powerful it is for other women to see and feel that you want their success as much as they want their success.

Q3: In the beginning who was there to support your efforts?

Tamara: My husband Fred has always been supportive. I have a best friend for 25 years who lives in Detroit, she was there right at the beginning. Currently, she conducts PrayHers meetings in Detroit.

Q4: In what ways has this experience transformed your mindset?

Tamara: It helped me to realize that the work that I’m doing for PrayHers is not about me. Service to others has become a priority.

Q5: How has your work with PrayHers impacted your spiritual beliefs?

Tamara: Every step I’ve made with PrayHers has been an act of faith. It has helped me to trust God more and understand the power of true love. Serving women is not always easy, but I’m learning to see past their issues and attitudes and connect to their heart. This work is teaching me how to walk in love and it’s developing my patience.

Q6: Did you have moments in which you felt like giving up?

Tamara: I learned a valuable lesson in why it’s important not to give up- you don’t know who is going to miss out if you give up. You don’t know whose life could have been changed by you if you give up. Who will I disappoint if I don’t finish? Whose path will I hinder if I give up? Many women have gone before me and pressed through their pain so that I can have the opportunities that I have today, I have to press through and do the same for other women.

Q7: How has your work taken you out of your comfort zone?

Tamara: My recent blog talk radio interview with Katherine Waddell, Blog Talk Radio Host of This Needs to Be Said and this interview with you Jackie is stretching me beyond my comfort zone. I’m confronting my fear of failure – taking small steps and trusting God’s grace to be sufficient.

Q8: What do you envision to be the change you want to create in the world as a result of your legacy work?

Tamara: I feel a powerful connection to the unity message of Martin Luther King Jr. I want to be a catalyst for transforming the mindset of women of all colors and faith helping them to see that as the body of Christ we are united. I believe we can come together and not feel as if we have to compete with one another to be successful. We can embrace the unity message of “never leave a sister behind” as we strive to accomplish our goals and live our dreams.

Q9: What is a common misconception you find people make regarding the PrayHers concept?

Tamara: That there isn’t enough to go around. This scarcity mentality affects how we see one another and how we do business with one another. It influences the level of success we experience based on our support of one another’s success.

Q10: Why is it important to you that women shift this way of thinking?

Tamara: I believe when women of faith come together with a sincere heart before God praying for one another’s success, we access more power to give birth to our dreams.

Last words?:

Tamara: Shifting our approach to networking and viewing it from a perspective of “how can I use my gift to serve you, to help you achieve success” is a game changing attitude for those who embrace it.

JB’s Note: Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."

Tamara Dean’s sincere desire to help women transform the way they do business by praying for and supporting one another’s success is a refreshing reminder that we can get so much more accomplished when we support one another’s success versus competing against one another, and that there is no limits to what God can do, except those in our minds.

Tamara Dean’s Contact Information:

I’ll like to know your thoughts on your experience of how you were able to accomplish more as a result of the support and sincere concern of others. Share your comments below.

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Be Courageous,

Much Love, Jackie B

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