Living My Legacy Now!: Jaime Rohadfox, Christian Author

Jaime L. Rohadfox, is a catalyst for change to women across the country. Known as the “mid-wife” for igniting vision and birthing purpose, she empowers, equips and edifies women through the word of God to overcome their negative thinking and limited beliefs. Jaime is an Author, Purpose Coach and Speaker and provides mentoring and training for women who desire to become a Life Breakthrough or Biblical Life coach. In addition to coaching and mentoring women, she has an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree, is certified in Biblical studies, and has earned a Masters degree in Adult Education. She has over 20 years of corporate experience including – human resources, training/development & customer service.

In addition to writing her first self-published book, Give It Up, Turn It Loose: A Woman’s Journey from Dominion to Deliverance, she is also a sought after Book Writing Coach and is the visionary of a book collaboration with 16 other women, Chronicles of a Walk with Christ. This collaboration details the heartfelt and transparent stories of 16 women’s trials and triumphs in sustaining their relationship with God. Her second collaboration, When Sisters Pray is scheduled to release in the fall of 2013.

Jaime truly believes that one’s testimony becomes their ministry and mission in life. She uses her own personal testimony as a living example of how the power of God can deliver and set free those who believe and stands firm on His promises!

Q1: What were the experiences that led you to serving others in your present roles?

Jaime: I moved to Charlotte, NC, almost 11 years ago as a leap of faith. My father and brother had died and I had just experienced the end of a long-term relationship. I felt like God was leading me to gather my belongings and go forth to a new land, like Abraham in the Bible.

I had other plans. I wanted to become a broadcast journalist. But, I had to be willing to give up what I had to move in my divine identity. Since my move to Charlotte, NC, I’ve experienced the loss of my mother, two brothers and a sister and walking away from my home. In the face of all these challenges, I was able to still stand strong in my faith.

Q2: Why were these experiences instrumental in your legacy work?

Jaime: These and other experiences enabled me to have a deeper walk of faith in God. I have had to learn how to trust the plan of God for my life. I have had to let go of the pain of my past, my anxiety and fear so I could walk in the peace, love and joy that God promises to us in his word. All of which is an ongoing process.
So, when I speak, teach and stand in the gap for sisters in prayer, I do so from a place of understanding. I’ve lived through many of the challenges that other women are confronted with in their lives, so I get where they are coming from. I am able to remind and encourage them to trust God. I tell them that they have to go through it to get to God’s promises. I refuse to allow my past define who I am and what I can do. I encourage women to adopt the same attitude.
Q3: When you started your ministry, who was there to support you?
Jaime: When I started, my mother was alive. She always encouraged me. She told me that I was always resilient and she was proud of me and the work that I was doing. My brother who died recently was one of biggest supporters. Developing relationships in the Charlotte area while maintaining my friendships in Syracuse has certainly helped me press through the pain of my losses and continue my ministry.
Q4: How has your mindset been changed as a result of your experiences and work?
Jaime: When my mother was alive, I was worried about her but she encouraged me to complete my book. My experiences have strengthen my resolve. I never lost my faith in God. I believed all along that my actions were giving birth to the good plan and purpose that God promises in Jeremiah 29:11.
Q5: Did you have moments when you felt like giving up?
Jaime: I didn’t feel like giving up but I did feel alone, especially after the recent deaths of my mother and my brother.
Q6: What actions have you taken that were outside of your comfort zone?
Jaime: I’m hosting the “I’m Still Standing Women’s Empowerment Luncheon in Charlotte scheduled for 2014. Details can be found on my website. I’m working on another book, due out this fall. Every Monday at 10 pm Sisters Praying with Sisters come together and intercede for one another.
Q7: What do you envision to be the change you want to create as a result of your ministry?
Jaime: First, I want people, to see the power of Jesus working in and through my life. I see women letting go of past pain, letting go of anger, sorrow and fears. I want them to avoid the trap of trying to change others, as I attempted to do for years. I was on a similar path of self-destruction until I was able to surrender, let go and let God. I want women to realize that first, the change they want has to happen within themselves.
Q8: Why is this important to the legacy you are aspiring to create with your life?
Jaime: In my book, I share intimate details of my journey of letting go and surrendering my self-sabotaging tendencies to God. In this process, I have embraced my path of personal transformation. My message and my life is a testament to the faithfulness of God which I declare boldly. The legacy of my life that’s being created by my work shines a light on the goodness of God and I want other women to believe that they can experience the same.
Q9: What are common misconceptions you find people make regarding experiences such as yours?
Jaime: I believe we have more power available to us to live a victorious life in Christ. Letting go does not imply that we abdicate our responsibility of making right choices. We have free will. We don’t have to get caught up in the blame game. We can take responsibility and own the power that is readily available to us.
Q10: Any upcoming events?
Jaime: On October, 2013, I’m hosting the “I’m Still Standing Women’s Empowerment Luncheon in Charlotte at
This event has already been scheduled for 2014. Details can be found on my website. I’m working on another book, due out this fall. Each Monday morning at 10 am sisters come together and intercede for one another in the group, Sisters Praying for Sisters.
Last words?
Jaime: I encourage everyone to find their purpose and begin to mold a self-identity that is clothed in love.
Contact Information:
Jaime L. Rohadfox
Christian Author, Coach & Speaker
 Get more info on Jaime's book here.

JB’s Note: Jaime Rohadfox is consistently providing empowerment tools and programs that encourage and develop faith in God in the hearts of the women. She is using her experiences as evidence of the goodness of God. Jaime’s passion for her ministry was evident in our conversation. She is a strong example of when we are faced with some of life’s greatest challenges, we can access the power of God to press through and overcome them to be a blessing in the lives of others.
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