Are You Always Getting Ready?

Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.
~Wayne Dyer~
Do you find yourself always thinking and talking about your dreams?
Do other people see you as "a woman or man of action" or "a woman or man that talks a good game?"

Are you growing yourself daily, learning and applying what you're learning?
Something magical happens when we stick to our dreams longer than people expected us to do. ~Robin Sharma
In the following video by Robin Sharma, he encourages us to push the envelope in the pursuit of our dreams and the importance of doing something "ever day" that moves us forward to their realization.

Start taking baby steps towards realizing your dreams.
Momentum happens as you build success.
Success breeds success.
You are expert enough!
Pursue Your Dreams with Passion and Persistence.
What are your thoughts about "always getting ready" to pursue a dream? Share them in the comments.
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Until next time...
B Fearless. See Where It Gets You
Love, Jackie B

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