Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's Not About Ideas, It's About Making Things Happen

Thinking too long about doing something is often the reason it never gets done.


One of the primary reasons I started the Procrastination Diet series for this blog was because of  my lack of discipline in pursuing opportunities to share the message of my book, once I returned to Columbia,SC.

I didn't have to wait to publish a book to pursue speaking engagements that would have allowed me to share the premise of my book, "changing your story, changes your life".

But, I did. I concocted a "story" in my mind that "I had to have a book" before others would deem what I had to share to be valuable. And this thought came out of the same mind that successfully managed million dollar businesses. Oh, how our assumptions can deceive us. 

I failed to pursue one of the very things that has given me so much satisfaction in life: equipping people with useful information and tools that will help them elevate their way of thinking and being. Ever since the age of nine, when my friends and I would play school and I was the teacher, I've enjoyed helping others become and do more than they imagined was possible.

This passion for being a person that served others by inspiring faith in their heart about themselves carried over into my 20+ year award-winning leadership career in the Hospitality industry. I had the privilege of being a catalyst for equipping and empowering individuals on each of the work teams I managed to believe that they could become supervisors, managers and general managers in business, regardless of where they started in the organization. Today, many of the supervisors and managers I worked with over the years remain in leadership positions in various organizations. Even several of the teens that I worked with in Wilmington, NC are now managers of various businesses. I am proud of this legacy.

When I returned to Columbia, SC, I had  letters of recommendations from previous managers and many of my professors, I should have had the courage and confidence to do whatever it took to build on the achievements of my professional life. Instead, I didn't guard my heart as I spoke about in this post here, and found myself settling for doing less than I was capable of doing because of fear. Purposeful action in the face of fear is the only way it can be overcome.

For instance, last year I created a pamphlet on the methodology outlined in my book, the DRIVE 5 Advantage. It represents a model for sustainable personal change and success. It represents a process of steps I've intuitively applied since the age of fourteen, as a result of my mother's death. It is apart of my identity. It's helped me get unstuck and be able to move on to create sustainable personal and award-winning professional success, during various times in my life, including now, when I was living my life based on a disempowering story taking place in my mind. 

Life Lesson: Until we are willing to divorce ourselves from the story that has us stuck, we aren't willing to cultivate new beliefs that will provide the intrinsic motivation necessary to take action to making positive change happen in our lives.

I sent the pamphlet out to individuals in education, business, small business owners, social workers and clergy asking them to provide me with feedback on the DRIVE 5 Advantage and how I could improve upon it. Eighty-five percent of them believed it to be a sound process, however many of them got caught up in the design of the pamphlet that it distracted them providing useful feedback on process itself.

I became disheartened by their lack of enthusiasm. Instead of putting the idea in front of more folks,once again, I put it on the back burner. Now, I've had this idea since 2005. In spite of the evidence that I've had in my personal and professional life that this step-by-step process elevates one's life AND the evidence I find of similar actions being implemented by many highly successful people, only a few out of the many that I'd sent the pamphlet felt passionate about how this process could be a game changer in the quality of life people experience.

Life Lesson: If we wait on someone else to "see" the value in us or our ideas, the better we desire will be doomed by the wayside. It's up to each of us to believe with passion and a sense of purpose that our ideas contribute value. If we don't believe in them, we can't nor should we expect others to believe in them.

At the beginning of 2013, I began to feel a strong stirring in my soul of dissatisfaction. Not with life, but with myself. I had allowed fear to rob me of the time I could have already impacted the lives of people. I increased the consistency of my blogging to develop the habit of writing on a consistent basis. This action and the feedback I received from the many kind people in LinkedIn groups, who took the time to leave comments about my posts, helped me regain my confidence and fueled my passion to finish what I'd started.

Today, I am proud to say that my new book, Get Unstuck Now: Changing Your Story, Unleashes Your Power to Move On and Be Happy will be released next month! I had to stop thinking and start doing.

I've already started new conversations with a few people in the media getting advice as to approaches I can take to build buzz around my book. The advice that I'm receiving is helping me to develop a PR and marketing strategy for the message in my book. I had to re-connect to the emotional meaning that inspired the book in the first place which is, "I don't want anyone living in the mental and emotional hell I've experienced believing limiting thoughts and beliefs about themselves. I want people to own their strong and recognize that they can flip the script on any story that they are telling themselves that is limiting their ability to become who they desire to be, do more of what they desire to do and experience more than they can imagine." Our lives are only limited by our thoughts and actions.

We are all living a story, whether we are conscious of it or not. Sometimes that story empowers us to stretch into our unique ability and sometimes our story diminishes our capacity to realize more of our potential. I'm on a mission to helping folks who know deep down in their heart that they can become better. Better parents, employees, friends, leaders and business owners. People who realize that the true gift in life is how we expand our capacity to contribute value and experience a greater sense of meaning and fulfillment in life. 

I want to share the message of how changing the story I was telling myself about, who I am, who I can become, what I can do and what I am worthy of experiencing altered the trajectory of my life. want to inspire hope and faith in the hearts of many by sharing the steps that changed my story and put me on a path of leadership that I could not have imagine to be possible considering my humble beginnings as a housekeeper at the Columbia Marriott hotel, decades ago.

I want to inspire hope in the hearts of many people. I want them to be encouraged and empowered by the information shared in my book. At the end of my life, I want to believe that I've used up the talents that God has given me. Helping others construct beliefs about themselves which ignites courage and determination in their hearts to believe the best about themselves and believe that the good plan that God has promised in Jeremiah 29:11 for their lives is one that they can manifest is a call in my soul that I must answer. My belief is, "If I can do it, so can you."

 In my book, Get Unstuck Now: Changing Your Story, Unleashes Your Power to Move On , I share several psychology theories on how our stories are formed and reinforced by our choices, day to day activities and environments. Awareness is the first step in creating change.

I share key practices of personal achievement and a step-by-step guide in crafting an empowering personal story that builds on strong moments and the identity habits of the person one has to become to manifest your desire as a reality.

Using the framework of the DRIVE 5 Advantage methodology readers of the book will craft their story and the actions they will need to take in the area of their life they feel stuck, so they can make progress towards the achievement of their aspirations. This will build the momentum necessary to move their life forward and embrace greater measures of meaning and fulfillment in their lives which will add to their overall sense of happiness.

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If you are someone who has a head full of ideas but hasn't been able to make things happen, this following video of Illustrator Rilla Alexender shares encouragement on how to implement your great "idea".

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