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In the Spirit: Leaving Your Legacy of Faith

Faith is the substance of things hoped for...

None of us get where we are in life without the help of others. Much of the opportunities that we have today is a direct result of people who went before us and made the decision to be people of excellence.

During this past week, our nation witnessed the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of  the March on Washington D.C. I wrote about it here.

Growing up as an African-American child in the 60's, I was inspired by the activism of common folks. I remember hearing on the radio about how civil rights activists were launching sit ins at restaurants all over the south and how they were willing to be locked up to take a stand for what they believed to be right.

I can recall seeing the difficulty that children were having as they proceeded to be some of the first ones to integrate schools in the south. I remember hearing my parents and neighbors talk about Martin Luther King's assassination and why it was more important than ever that everyone in our community continue to do their part to keep the pressure on and not back down, even in the face of this tragedy.

Growing up in this environment showed me that our power dwells in making a decision to take action. Nothing changes without action. 

Recently, I was listening to a video which Ali Brown stated at a previous Get Radical Women's Conference,"We don't have the courage needed to take advantage of today's opportunity." When she made this statement, it resonated deep within me. This statement has raised my self-awareness of how I hadn't displayed the level of courage that is within me to leave a legacy of my life that cannot be erased.

As a result of Ali's statement, this week has been a week of introspection. I have questioned all of my intentions regarding the work that I do and what I am planning to do in the future. I have been asking myself questions such as, "Where am I playing small?" "How can I be of greater service and provide more value in the lives of others?" "Am I doing legacy work?
One of the reasons  I launched Live Your Legacy Now! is because of my answers. How we live our lives today has a tremendous impact on the quality of opportunities that will be available to future generations. It is certain that many of the opportunities that I have today as an African-American woman is a direct result of actions taken by previous generations.

This is also true of my faith. I had a praying mother. I believe that the grace that abounds in my life is a representation of the deposits of faith she demonstrated towards God in her short life. My daughter has a praying mother. I declare the goodness of God in and over her life through out the day. I declare the goodness of God in and over the lives of all the people that I am connected to by blood and otherwise on a daily basis, so this includes you!

When one walks by faith and not by sight, we have to maintain a compelling vision of "what can be" while we address the reality of "what is". Leaving a legacy of faith challenges us to find our courage so that we can unleash our strong. There is strength inside of you that you have yet to discover. 

In this week's In the Spirit, Joel Osteen shares an empowering message on the benefits of living our lives in such a way that it leaves a legacy of faith.

We will all die.

I believe one of our greatest task in life is to leave a legacy that cannot be erased. Don't just exist. Begin to look at your life with the end in mind. Will you begin to live it in such a way that our world is better because of you?  

What is the calling in your soul that you have been ignoring? What are some small steps that you begin to take in this upcoming me? Let this video by Hillsong inspire you to believe that you can do this!

I challenge you today to live a life of excellence and integrity. Live a life that leaves a legacy of faith. Live a life that contributes value. Life a life of service. You can make a difference in the lives of others, even after you die, by living your legacy now!

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Until the next time...

B Fearless

Jackie B

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