The Launch of Living My Legacy Now!

Jim Rohn, business philosopher and author once said, "The legacy we live is part of the ongoing foundations of life. Those who came before leave us the world we live in. Those who will come after will have only what we leave them. We are stewards of this world, and we have a calling in our lives to leave it better than how we found it, even it seems like such a small part."

When we read about the stories of people who have summoned the courage to become all that they can be, including efforts to make a difference in the lives of others, their actions inspire our heart with hope and encourages our faith with the belief that we can do the same. One of the reasons that Chicken Soup for the Soul continues to be such a popular and successful book series is because of how each of us relate to one another based on our stories.

My mission here at Grow Forward & Flourish is to empower your strong so that you find the courage to unleash the power in you to be your best self and live a life that reflects your highest good. 

Expressing your best self and living a life that is representative of your highest good will certainly enable you to live a legacy that cannot be erased in the hearts and minds of those within your circle of influence.

Today marks the launch of a new segment of blog posts simply entitled, Living My Legacy Now!. Each post represents an interview that I've conducted with someone who is using their life to make a difference in the lives of others. The individuals that I interview are from all walks of life. They represent the multitude of people in our world who are not just talking about creating change but are actually taking action to be the change our world need.

If you know of anyone in your community that is making a positive difference in the lives of others, please leave me a message on my contact page with their name, contact number and why you feel that their story and work will inspire the hearts and minds of others. 

Before sending me someone's information, please contact them and ask if they would be interested in sharing their story. If they say yes, by all means send me their contact information. I will confirm the receipt of your message via email.  I have received your message and give you an approximate time in which I will be contacting the individual(s). 

Living Your Legacy Now! posts will normally be scheduled to appear on this blog @ 4 pm each Saturday starting September 21st, 2013.

Today, I am posting the first post in this segment as a preview of what is to come. I have interviewed Germaine Brisbane of Charleston, SC. He is currently residing in Columbia, SC. He is an Indie author, his new book is entitled, How I Got Over

I am excited about how the power of God is transforming Germaine's life and enabling him to share his empowering story in the lives of men and women. Germaine is living his legacy now by backing up his faith in Christ with committed actions.

So be sure to check out the Living My Legacy Now! with Germaine Brisbane interview today at 4pm on Grow Forward & Flourish.

Until Next Time...

B Fearless

Jackie B

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