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Procrastination Diet: Week 1 Update

My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.” 
― Charles Dickens

Last week I informed you that I was implementing a 31-Day Procrastination Diet which was inspired by Robin Sharma's video in my post GET BIG THINGS DONE, NOW! After realizing I hadn't put forth the consistent effort needed to manifest the dreams that I truly want to manifest in my life, I needed to put some "feet to my faith". 

Walking My Talk

I realized that it is difficult and near impossible to be a personal of influence if you are not walking your talk as much as you are able, yet you're asking others to do what you are not willing to do. That does not sit well with me. In my gut, I knew that I wasn't doing all that I could do and it was hindering me from helping you and others become all that you can be. I have to be as committed to my personal growth as I want you to be for me to contribute real value in your life.

I found that it was easy for me to hide behind my computer and share my thoughts and experiences on the web without a commitment to show up in person. I think back to last year when someone suggested that I do videos on my blog and how adamant I was with her, "That's not the direction that I feel I should take at this time".  Little did she know that my response to her was fear-based and not strategic minded. 

Shortly after that conversation, each time that I went on the web to do research on some subject that I was writing about at the time, I came across bloggers and online marketing experts and authors using video as a medium to communicate their message. After seeing and reading about the benefits of video, I've finally decided that YES! I will broaden my comfort zone and begin to do videos that will hopefully empower your strong. I refuse to let fear bully my dreams.

Take the Easy Route

When you set out to overcome a habit of procrastination, it is important that you approach it with curiosity and a sense of adventure. And it is important to get some wins under your belt so that they can serve as evidence that you can make whatever your "this" is happen.

So start small and build momentum over time. Regardless of the habit or behavior that you want to change, it is certain that it was created over time. Replacing that habit or behavior with a new behavior that is automatic will occur over time as you consistently commit to the actions that will make it so.

I learned that it is important to affirm your efforts and to not diminish them just because an action didn't produce what you expected. Not everything that we try is going to pan out exactly as we want it to. It is unrealistic for any of us to think so. There are too many variables that we have no control over. Maintaining your focus on your "circle of influence" and what you have control over, mainly yourself, reduces your anxiety and helps you enjoy the process of creating positive change in your life. Celebrate your wins!

Here's what I accomplished in my first week of my Procrastination Diet:

  • I contacted a well-known author and asked to include some of his work in my upcoming book. He agreed and has been very nice to send me a follow-up email.
  •  I decided to schedule once a month "Coach Me If You Can" FREE teleseminars. I'm waiting for the banner to be made so that I can open up registration through Eventbrite. The calls will be limited to 25 people so that I can help as many people as I can. Calls will be scheduled on the 3rd Tuesdays of September, October and November 2013 from 7 pm til 8:30 pm.
  • I created a Meet Up group, Columbia Master Mind Group. Inspired by Napoleon's Hill book, my vision for the group is that members receive from one another the support, encouragement and accountability that is always necessary when elevating our game in life. It is my hope that Columbia's "Dream Achievers" manifest positive change with such impact that it inspires others to tap into the power of the mastermind group and do the same. Join us if you are in the Columbia, SC and surrounding areas.
  • I found a facility that I can conduct my workshop, Get Unstuck Now that's inexpensive. This allows me to keep costs down for attendees and be able to help more people with my message, Changing Your Story, Changes Your Life.
Each of these actions represents elements of my desired lifestyle. I want all aspects of my life to represent the strength of my spirit, the wisdom I've accumulated and the knowledge and skills that I am continuing to gain.
What about you? How much of your life represents the lifestyle that you want to live? Have you been "putting off for tomorrow what you can do today"? If so, why not start your personal 31-Day Procrastination Diet and share your experience here every week with the GFF community. We can support one another as we eliminate this counterproductive habit! 

The life of our dreams will only unfold as we take action to make it our reality! ~Jackie Capers-Brown

Leave a comment on your thoughts about procrastination and how you are addressing it in your life.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, insight and wisdom with the GFF community. 

Thank you for sharing this post with your friends.

Until next time...

B Fearless

Jackie B

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