In the Spirit: Walk Out Your Victory

“What we believe is what we see.” 

Sukant Ratnakar~

In a recent post, How to Get Dreams Out of Your Head, I mentioned how I started to study the "best practices" of several bloggers in order for me to develop strategies that would help me get my dream of building a successful online personal development website out of my head. One of the most important things that has happened within me while doing this is: I now believe at the core of my being that this dream is doable. 

Everything that is related to the vision I have for the GFF community, from the blog's content to creating a Facebook Fan page, using contributors in the future to guest blogging and helping new bloggers, all of these actions are an expression of me walking out my victory. This belief is shifting the energy in my life. This shift is serving as a magnet and it is attracting to me that which I am becoming. 

During this time period, I've stumbled on information for my upcoming book. I've met people online, at networking and community events who represent an array of possibilities for future joint ventures. I have learned of FREE and low-cost online resources, such as Fiverr. Rarely has a week passed that new information or a new person hasn't appeared in my life, all without me actually planning it to happen. 

Intuitively I know from previous experiences that when this begins to happen in my life it's an indication that I'm getting closer to the very thing I've been working towards. This does not mean that I'm not faced with challenges. On the contrary, I'm facing more challenges because I am creating more and I'm choosing to live out loud. That's okay. I been around this way before. I  won't let fear bully my dreams. I'm going to walk out my victory with faith in the good plan that God has for my life.

In this week's In the Spirit, Joel Osteen shares tips on how we can dream big and walk out our victory. 

What can you begin to do this week that will put you on the path of getting your dream out of your head? Remember, goals are only dreams with deadlines and baby steps over time can create the momentum you need to achieve a goal. 

Once you begin to embrace the process and begin to get short term wins, you will discover that your faith in your dream will increase and you will begin to believe at the core of your being that your dream is doable.

Thank you for sharing your insights, wisdom and comments with the GFF community so that we can grow together.

Thank you for sharing this post with your friends.

Thank you for your good deeds, they serve as seeds for your harvest.

B Fearless

Jackie B

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