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In the Spirit: The Benefits of Broadening Your Comfort Zone

Are you allowing your comfort zone prevent you from manifesting a life that is richer and fuller? Could it be that the life that you truly want to experience is beyond your comfort zone? Consider this: It is possible to be comfortable with discomfort!

No, I haven't lost my mind. Yes, I believe this to be so. When I think back over my life at the experiences which added so much happiness and joy to it, the majority of them were the result of my willingness to take steps beyond my comfort zone. I looked at each of them as an adventure. I was curious about what was possible. I believed that I could redefine possible in my life and I did.

Life has so much to offer. And you know that I believe that God desires that each of us experience the fullness of his goodness. But, we limit His goodness when we box ourselves into living life in the same ole manner day after day. Begin to value experiences that broadens your life. They will help you maintain a sense of passion, enthusiasm and joy.

In this week's In the Spirit, Joel Osteen shares the importance of the concept of  broadening your comfort zone.

In the following week, consider a few actions that you can take to explore an interest outside of your normal routine. You will discover that you can live through any initial feelings of discomfort and enjoy new experiences. 

Here's How I'm Broadening My Life's Horizon

In the coming months, I'm excited about stepping into a new path of adventures, first with the release of my book Get Unstuck Now: Changing Your Story, Unleashes Your Power to Move On and Be Happy, my book tour Change Your Story, Change Your Life which will be launched at this year's Ignite Her BE Conference in  Charlotte, NC hosted by +Lori Pelzer . I'm one of the conference speakers. And, with the help of +Kiesha Easley at WeBlogBetter, I'm producing my first online training course based on my book. 

Yes, I will be challenged. However, one of the key's to my passion towards these and other related adventures is this, each of them allows me to fully express and broaden my innate talents. This increases my immersion into living and working in my strength zone. At the end of the day, these projects enables me to empower the talents of others so that they too can dwell in their possibility.

Our lives are only limited by how far our thoughts and actions will take us. Step outside of your comfort zone to broaden your life's horizon.

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B Fearless

Jackie B

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