What Lights Up Your Fire?

If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.
~T.Allen Armstrong~

In order for you to create sustainable success and happiness in all areas of your life, it's important that you get clear as to the ways that you can maximize your strengths and passions. One of the most tale tell signs that you are engaging in tasks that "lights up your fire" is the level of productivity and satisfaction that you get from doing them. When you find yourself engaged in these activities, time is of no concern because "all of you", (your spirit, soul and body) is fully engaged in what you are doing.

I know what you're thinking, "Jackie, I can't just do what I want to do, I've got responsibilities. What I would love to do and what I have to do, is completely two different things!"

I'm not saying that you and I will not have to do stuff that we don't really want to do, but we have to because of our family and work-related responsibilities. It's not practical for us to think that we are going to love every task that we have to do. After all, we're human beings not robots.

It is practical for us to pay attention to those activities and  tasks which seems to boost our confidence, courage, passion and a willingness to do whatever it takes to complete them. 

This level of self-awareness enabled me to navigate my successful leadership career with Marriott, Burger King and Pizza Hut, and it is helping me identify the steps necessary to navigate a successful path as I step up my game as a serial entrepreneur.

Self-awareness is fundamental to your ability to grow yourself. Personal progress makes you happy.

The following clue-in exercise will give you some indication as to which activities "lights up your fire". This exercise will help you begin to identify activities and tasks that ignite the best of you, increasing your productivity, satisfaction, and success in life! 

Equipped with this knowledge, you will have a better understanding of "self" and which activities and tasks actually brings out the best in you! It then becomes your responsibility to engage in them as much as possible. When you do this, you will find that you'll make more progress and be much happier.

Clue-In Exercise: What Fires Up Your Passion?

Instructions: Answer the following statements. Write your initial thoughts on a blank sheet of paper. 

  1. I am passionate towards life when I think...
  2. I am passionate towards life when I feel...
  3. I am passionate towards life when I do...
  4. I am confident towards life when I think...
  5. I am confident towards life when I feel...
  6. I am confident towards life when I do...
  7. What are some patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors do you "see" from your answers that are key to you feeling passionate and confident in life?
  8. Which of your regular activities and tasks "lights up" your passion and self-confidence?
  9. Brainstorm ways in which you can expand the amount of time you spend on these activities and tasks, taking in account of your present responsibilities.
  10. Have a conversation with individuals in your life about your discoveries and how they can support your efforts to becoming the best person you can be at home and at work.

In Conclusion...

Your happiness in life is directly tied to the amount of time and energy that you spend in doing that which "fires up your passion and self-confidence". The sooner that you begin to pay attention to this and become proactive in pursuing these activities and tasks, the sooner you will recognize that the power to live a happier and successful life already exists within you!

I want to hear your thoughts. What were you able to "see" about yourself as a result of this clue-in exercise that will help you grow forward and flourish? Share your insights with our community so that others can benefit from what you have to say!

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Thank you for reading, connecting and sharing! I appreciate YOU!

B Fearless

Jackie B

P.S. Happy 4th of July to all my US readers :)!!!

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