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In the Spirit: The Power of I AM!

Throughout your day, your words are energizing the power of the "I AM" stories that you tell yourself about yourself and to others. 

When you think about the words that you use to describe yourself to yourself, and to others, are you describing yourself in a way that makes you feel good about yourself and your progress in life or, are you describing yourself in a that makes you feel bad about yourself and disappointed about the level of progress that you have made in your life? In either case, your words have power and they reflect what you believe about yourself. 

The Power of "I AM" in My Life

Ever since I was child, I was told that I was smart. So, I believed that I was smart. No, I wasn't a straight A student each year of my secondary education. However, that didn't stop me from believing in my smarts. When faced with challenging homework assignments, I pressed in to figure out how to solve them to the best of my ability and usually my extra effort produced higher grades. As a child, this habit helped me to develop perseverance, follow-through and resilience.

Even after having two children by the age of nineteen, dropping out of college and having many people, including family members give up on me, I believed at the core of my being that somehow I would figure out how to get my life back on track. Returning to my faith in Christ empowered this belief. I believed that through Spirit and God's word, I could navigate my way to move forward in life.

When I started working for Marriott as a housekeeper, I would have never guessed that from this position that over time I would become an award-winning business manager and leader. But once I received my first promotion and got the the opportunity to learn about managing a housekeeping department, I began to believe that I was smart enough to manage a housekeeping department, in spite of the fact that I did not have a college degree.

I had to transfer to Marriott's Courtyard division for the opportunity as a housekeeping supervisor. Seven months later, I was promoted and became a Housekeeping manager. Once I became a Housekeeping manager, I began to nurture another belief,"I was smart enough to manage a hotel." Six years and five promotions later, I became a Marriott GM with its Fairfield Inn division

My belief that I am smart enabled me to tap into innate leadership talents that with exposure to growth opportunities, support and encouragement, I was able to "see" my potential in action. The quality of life that my children and I lived during my early 20's was no indication that I possessed these skills and aptitude.

Yet, I continued to believe that I was smart, in spite of my circumstances, and I would not speak any thing different to myself or to others when describing myself. This has been another key to my spiritual, personal and professional growth. Proverbs 18:21 states, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits." 

Today, I believe that I am smart enough to use my experiences and passion for personal growth and development to help as many people as possible realize their potential. My mission is simple, get people to develop and nurture an empowering story of themselves. As a result, they will redefine their "I AM's" and increase their capacity to express their talents, make progress towards their aspirations and be happy in life.

In this next leg of my journey, I am smart enough to recognize that I need the help and support of equally smart people to make this happen. I'm fortunate that as I have taken steps to manifest what I consider to be a part of my life's work, I'm connecting to some great people who have the skills, experience and passion necessary to help me manifest my vision and achieve my company's mission.

I share this snippet of my life's story because you and I are alike in more ways than we are different. One of the ways in which we are alike is this fact: we have free will, and with it comes the freedom to define who we will be, and what we will do in the world. Our circumstances and our experiences have no power except that which we give them by choice or default. 

In this week's In the Spirit, Joel Osteen shares another encouraging message on The Power of I AM!

What are some of the "I AM's" that you need to re-script about yourself? Begin today to be conscious of your "I AM" stories and how the words that you use to describe yourself to yourself and others, is actually serving as a magnet in your life.

Thank you for reading and connecting with the Grow Forward & Flourish community. 

I would love to hear your take on this. Share your thoughts in the comments. I appreciate YOU!

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B Fearless

Jackie B

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