A Heartfelt Message: How-to Doubt Your Doubts!

Our ability to attain any goal is contingent on the quality of our thoughts and the effectiveness of our actions. 

Too often when I am discussing personal growth with someone and ask the question, "What plans do you have to grow yourself?", I receive a mixture of answers from, "Why try to make changes that won't stick?", "I'm just the way that I am, so what's the point!" to "What's the point of trying to achieve something just to be disappointed if it doesn't go as I plan, I might as well just accept life as it is."

Of course, I make every attempt to persuade individuals who respond in this, or a similar manner the impact taking a proactive approach towards their personal and professional development has on their life. But that doesn't always work.

So, when it seems that I can't get through to some people with logic, and stories of individuals who have defied daunting odds and won, including my own personal story, I state one of my all time favorite quotes which is,

It is not in your best interest to accept "what is" as the only way in which you can experience life, especially if the "what is" is well below your capacity to be more, do more and have more.

Life goes on. It isn't going to stop and wait for you and I to decide if cultivating a growth mindset is beneficial or not to our well-being. I wrote about the importance of it here. We have to decide in this moment and in each moment that follows that it is. It is up to each of us to take responsibility for doing something about it!

I know, everyone does not have a desire to own a business. I get it. The point I'm making isn't about working for someone, it is about each of us having the freedom to choose if we are going to determine the quality of life we live based on our decision to pursue our dreams OR, are we going to allow someone who was able to doubt his or her doubts and muster up the courage to follow their dreams, determine the quality of our life! The choice is ours to make.

I am a BIG believer in the capacity of companies to transform the lives of many for the good. Most companies provide individuals with opportunities to grow their knowledge and skills so that they can contribute to the success of an organization. 

By doing so, many individuals, including myself, have had the opportunity to actually "see" their potential in action. It is one thing to "think" about your potential. When we seek and create opportunities to "see" our potential in action, our vision for our lives begin to enlarge. This can become a defining moment in the lives of many. Once you realize that you can do better, it will ignite within you the desire to stop settling for "what is" when we you believe that you can make "what can be" happen.

However, this can not come about if you are determined to "stay the way that you are" because of the limited assumptions you may have about yourself and life.

Unless you begin to take steps to improve your life.(I wrote a simple guide to improving your well-being here). Your life will continue on it's current path. Two years, five years, or 10 years from now, if you haven't change your mindset on the importance of  taking steps to grow yourself and make progress toward the achievement of worthwhile goals, you will continue to experience life at the level that you are experiencing it now. You have to be and do different, to experience different.

I've been fortunate throughout my life. I've appreciated the simple kindness of folks who encouraged me since I was a child. I believe that because I've approached life with this appreciation, most of the time, my life's path has continuously intersected with people who believed in me and has been willing to help me. My life's work is now centered on being there for others in my unique way and paying it forward. 

I don't have to know you personally to believe in you. Why? Because if you were someone who wasn't concern about the state of your life and didn't have some inkling within you to be, do and live better, you wouldn't have clicked on this post, nor would have continued to have read it this far. Right?

Let's start with the truth. You've been accepting the excuses that you've been telling yourself about why growing yourself isn't important. You've allowed these assumptions to become your truth. I ask you to challenge these limiting assumptions. "How, you ask?" By conducting your own research project, starting with the lives of those you admire. Find out about their story, their beginnings, challenges, failures and triumphs. You will discover that many people who are highly successful today started out with a lot less than you have, and yet they understood the principle of doing their best with what they had as they executed consistent efforts to create a better state.

You matter. You can step up your game.There is so much potential within you that you have yet to discover. I'm not selling you no wooden nickles on this. All you have to do is give yourself and your dreams a chance. You can learn more about what your potential needs here.Start today, begin to doubt your doubts!

Yes, YOU can begin to take actions that enlarge your capacity to contribute more value and make a difference. I believe YOU can do this! Listen to this short clip of an interview in which Wayne Dyer speaks on this very subject.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this post. Share your comments below.

Thank you for reading, connecting and sharing. I appreciate YOU!

B Fearless

Jackie B 

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