Don't Let Anybody Talk You Out of Your Dreams!

You have to protect your dreams. So many of the external messages that we are exposed to deflate our hopes that we can attain our dreams. This is especially true if you are 50+ as I am.

Regardless of your age, race, gender or circumstances, you have the freedom to choose the level of happiness and progress that you experience in life. 

Our happiness is directly influenced by the level of progress we are making in life. Think about the times that you feel you are moving forward, aren't you happier then when you feel as if your life is stuck and going no where? You're nodding your head, YES! Right?

We are divinely designed to evolve and our dreams provide us with focus and direction for our energies and resources.

The following video from one of my all-time favorite movies reminds you of the importance of standing up for your dreams.

B Fearless

Jackie B

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